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Monday, September 21, 2015

Israeli PM Netanyahu : Israel, Russia establish 'mechanism' to prevent 'misunderstandings' in Syria

Israeli PM Netanyahu : Israel, Russia establish 'mechanism' to prevent 'misunderstandings' in Syria. (JPost).

Israel and Russia agreed to a create mechanism to prevent accidental confrontation between their forces in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following a meeting on the outskirts of Moscow Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Netanyahu, in a phone briefing with Israeli diplomatic reporters, said that the meeting was devoted to the complicated situation on Israel's northern border.

I made clear our policy to try to prevent through various means the transfer of lethal weapons from Syria to Hezbollah, which is actually done at the direction of Iran,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu said that the purpose of the meeting was to prevent “misunderstandings” between IDF and Russian forces. “We established a mechanism to prevent those misunderstandings,” he said, without elaborating. “This is something very important for Israel's security.Read the full story here.

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