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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Islamic State terror can be ended only after Saudi royals’ overthrown according to Iranian MP

IS terror can be ended only after Saudi royals’ overthrown -Iranian MP  (TAZ).

The terrorist groups in the region including the Islamic State (IS) group may be defeated only by downfall of the ruling monarchy in Saudi Arabia Ibrahim Agha Mohammadi, a senior Iranian MP said.

The best approach in fighting the Daesh (IS, also referred as ISIS, ISIL) is supporting the overthrow of Saudi royals, and the Islamic Republic is in favor of this process,” Agha Mohammadi, who is a member of the Iranian parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said, semi-official Tasnim news agency reported Sept. 29.

The Iranian MP was reacting to recent comments of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, who accused Tehran of being behind regional instability.

"If it was not for Iran, there would not be the destruction and killing we see today in Syria. Iran supports Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad by sending thousands of militants and fueling sectarianism between Sunnis and Shiites in Syria and the whole region," said Minister Al-Jubeir.

Meanwhile the Iranian MP claimed that the Saudi government is “equal to the IS group and other regional terrorists”.

If the global community seeks an effective approach to end IS terror, they should spare no effort for establishing democracy in Saudi Arabia, Agha Mohammadi argued.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have opposite points of view and positions on conflicts in Yemen, Syria , and Bahrain. Hmmm.....The Iranian MP is a fool if he believes that, Turkey and Qatar play a huge role in the ISIS and terrorist support.

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  1. Don't for a minute buy into that islamic BS. It is how they operate and 1400 years of their history proves it out. Islamic terrorism will continue until every last infidel is either converted, subjugated paying the jizya or murdered.


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