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Monday, September 21, 2015

Iran says Amano’s 'Ceremonial' visit of Parchin military site annuls accusations.

Iran says Amano’s 'Ceremonial' visit of Parchin military site annuls accusations. (Taz).

Director General for Political and International Affairs at Iran 's Foreign Ministry Hamid Baidinejad said that IAEA chief Yukiya Amano’s recent visit of the Parchin military site has annulled accusations that Iran is pushing a nuclear weapon program.

The arrangement of Amano’s ceremonial and public visit of the site proved once again that political and security organizations of the Islamic Republic can carry out painstaking sets of actions to lay waste the claims that are made against the country, he said, ISNA news agency reported Sept. 21.

Parchin military base, located near the capital city of Tehran, is where the UN body suspects Iran has conducted nuclear-related tests more than a decade ago. But Iran has repeatedly denied any nuclear activity at Parchin, noting that 'road construction' activities have been done at the site.

Our country thus managed to take a great step on the path to the implementation of the roadmap with the IAEA and end the case of Western countries’ accusations,” Baidinejad said.

By itself, the roadmap is indicative of a fundamental change in Iran-IAEA relations on one side and a turnabout in the P5+1 approach to the Iranian nuclear case on the other, he further noted. Hmmm......After stalling Nine years, you think they did some cleaning in that period?

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