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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Iran Official Clarifies Ahead of Amano Visit: No Interview With Iranian Scientists (No visit to Parchin)

Iran Official Clarifies Ahead of Amano Visit: No Interview With Iranian Scientists (No visit to Parchin) HT: IMRA.

Official Clarifies Ahead of Amano Visit: No Interview With Iranian Scientists

Kayhan International (IRAN) Date: 19 September 2015 - 21:25

VENNA (Dispatches) -- The head of the UN nuclear agency set off for Tehran on Saturday for high-level meetings as the two sides try to resolve outstanding issues related to Iran’s activities.

Fredrik Dahl of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency said that IAEA chief Yukiya Amano’s meetings Sunday were aimed at "clarifications of past and present outstanding issues” linked to the agency’s probe.

Diplomats told The Associated Press on Friday that Amano was planning a trip to push for interviews with Iranian scientists linked to alleged experiments as well as to discuss a planned inspection of Parchin but Iran immediately rejected the report.

"Some international media release biased reports with certain motives and this is not a new practice,” said Behrouz Kamalvandi, the speaker for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), on Saturday.

Amano’s visit is intended to pave the way for the "implementation” of the roadmap signed between Iran and the IAEA in mid-July, he added.

"The visit will focus on the ongoing cooperation between the IAEA and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the context of the Road-map for the clarification of past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program,” a statement issued by the IAEA said.

On July 14, Iran and the IAEA signed a roadmap regarding the Islamic Republic’s nuclear work in Vienna. The agreement was reached on the same day Iran and the P5+1 – the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany – finalized the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in Vienna.

As part of the roadmap, the IAEA is required to finish its investigations about Iran’s nuclear activities and submit a report to the agency’s board by December 15.

On Monday, Amano said Iran has successfully met its obligations as stipulated in the roadmap, including an August 15 deadline for sending written explanations on its past activities.

Earlier this week, experts from Iran and the UN nuclear agency wrapped up a two-day session in Tehran, during which the Iranian team discussed the questions posed by the IAEA on September 8 with regard to Iran’s explanations. According to reports, expert meetings will continue in the city during the first week of the Iranian calendar month of Mehr (late September).

The UN Security Council on July 20 unanimously endorsed a draft resolution turning the JCPOA into international law.

Under the JCPOA, limits will be put on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for, among other things, the removal of all economic and financial bans against the Islamic Republic.

The trip is significant, with Amano traveling less than a month before an Oct. 15 deadline for report on Iran’s activities.

A final UN assessment is due in December, and that will feed into the larger July 14 nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, helping to determine whether sanctions on Iran will be lifted.

Iran denies any work on — or interest in — nuclear weapons. It says IAEA suspicions are based on false intelligence from the United States, the occupying regime of Israel and other adversaries. In refusing access to scientists the agency is interested in, Iran cites past assassinations of several experts it says worked on peaceful nuclear programs.

In a tweet last week, chief Iranian IAEA delegate Reza Najafi said Parchin "is a military site and Iran will not let any inspector go there”.

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