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Friday, September 11, 2015

Hyderabad - Woman, Allegedly IS Recruiter Arrested.

Hyderabad - Woman, Allegedly IS Recruiter Arrested. (NDtv).

A woman thought to be an online recruiter for the Islamic State has been arrested by the Cyberabad police. She was reportedly deported last night from Dubai along with her husband, identified as Devender Batra, who goes by "Mustafa".

In January, the woman's alleged IS link was outed by a young techie who was detained at the Hyderabad airport when he was headed to Dubai.

Salman Moinuddin, in his early 30s, reportedly told the police that a woman posing as a British national, who used the name Nicky Joseph, had met him online and claimed that she was in love with him and would elope with him to Syria to join the IS.

Mr Moinuddin is married, has a master's in Science, and had worked earlier in the US.

More details are awaited. Hmmm......So much for the poor uneducated jobless terrorist theory.

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