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Monday, September 21, 2015

Hungarian law makers approves army use of non lethal force: 'rubber bullets and tear gas' against refugees

Hungarian law makers approves army use of non lethal force: 'rubber bullets and tear gas' against refugees. (IBTimes).

Hungary's parliament has approved a controversial law that authorizes the wider use of the military to fence off migrants gathering on its borders. The legislation allows the army to use non-lethal weapons such as rubber bullets, pyrotechnical devices, tear gas grenades and net guns, according to a statement published on the Hungarian parliament's website.

Predictably, the far-right Jobbik party voted with the right-wing Fidesz party of prime minister Viktor Orban in the ballot. The law passed with 151 votes to 12 against and 27 abstains in the 199-strong parliament.

Defending the measure, Orban said Eastern European nations have to protect themselves from the "brutal threat" of mass migration into their countries, until the EU organises a communitarian response to the refugee crisis.

"The migrants are not just banging on our door: they're breaking it down," he said. "It is our historical and moral obligation to defend Europe. Europe is rich but weak."

On Monday, Hungary took out a full-page ad in a Lebanese newspaper to deter refugees from setting off for Europe. "Hungarians are hospitable but the strongest possible action is taken against those who attempt to enter Hungary illegally," the message read. "Do not listen to the people smugglers. Hungary will not allow illegal immigrants to cross its territory."

More than 430,000 migrants have arrived in Europe since January, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). Most have crossed from Turkey to Greece and then proceeded north through the Balkans. Hmmm.....Turkey opened the flood gates send them back.Read the full story here.

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