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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Holocaust survivor severely beaten by Moroccan robbers in the Netherlands.

Holocaust survivor severely beaten by Moroccan robbers in the Netherlands.(Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad).[GoogleTranslate].

Last month, a couple of elderly people of the Jewish faith have been violently attacked in their home. In an interview with the Jewish magazine Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad, the couple explains the violence of the assault that they have suffered from two Moroccan Muslims. (Top photo: Samuel Blog, after the assault)

Samuel and Diana Blog just released from the hospital where they were placed in intensive care, following their injuries. Since the attack, Diana suffered multiple bruises and Samuel was almost blind. The two assailants, who are described as adults in the prime of age, Moroccan Muslims, entered their house by posing as policemen. They beat the pair, tied them up and even forced Diana to drink from a bottle containing the sleeping pills.

The father of Diana was a diamond cutter. "So I had a lot of jewelry. I had a ring with seven stones. No small. About seven carats. And a ring with a little yellowish diamond. I had received from my mother. Everything is gone. My watch, gold necklace and a brooch bearing a diamond that I had received from my father.

"Diana starts to cry. Samuel says: "Forgot you my pinky ring? Those with an 'S', set with a diamond "Diana:" I'm overwrought. They wanted to cut my finger off when I got my rings afkreeg not fast enough. Look, here's another thick slice. "You dirty Jews," they said. 'You should not wear it. You've worn it long too. Now it's ours. "

"Diana grew up in Paris, where she was as a girl because of the work of her father moved to. During the war the family was betrayed and arrested. Diana was with her ​​mother, twin brother and another brother and then transported to Birkenau to Auschwitz. This was around her thirteenth year. Only Diana and her mother survived the horrors. She shows the number on her arm.

"And on my stomach I have scars from the dog that has bitten me in the camp. Because I did not run fast enough. I have three and a half years, beaten by the nazis, but even more so by those bastards. "

Samuel, whose father is Jewish, was a child smuggled out of the Dutch Theatre and survived in hiding. After the war, Samuel and Diana met in Amsterdam and married. Samuel started a business in leather goods, Diana became a housewife. "We've been married 56 years, of which we lived 46 years in the Heemstedestraat. We were lucky, "says Samuel.

The only son of the couple, Emanuel lives in Spain. By phone he said: "After the war they built up a fairly normal life. My mother had trauma and nightmares, but otherwise we had a typical family life.

"Emanuel was so upset about what happened to his parents that he decided to publish the photograph of his father after the assault. (Below).

"I heard from my niece that my father was beaten black and blue. Well, do there but imagine. That I could not really until I saw the picture. You scared me to death.

The attending nurse told me that there is much happening in Amsterdam, but it was long since they had seen anything. I have not done because I wanted to make a show of it, but to show the outside world how terrible it is. "Emanuel offered a reward of ten thousand euro for tips that could lead to the perpetrators. That amount is now at 12,000 euros, spontaneously raised by people who read the news or TV broadcasts saw the robbery.

The perpetrators were not masked. "But so far this has not led to any tip. The police still have no idea who they are, "said Emanuel. He also suspects that knew the perpetrators of the Jewish background of his parents: "They have hung a pretty big mezuzah next door.

And if you rob people than you do it for the money? Then you go away anyway? But they had what they wanted and still kept hitting them. Even after they were defenseless, tied on the floor. Is not that strange? " Read the full story here.

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