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Friday, September 11, 2015

German Paper claims: "Already 29 Syria fighters found among Fugitive stream".

German Paper claims: "Already 29 Syria fighters found among Fugitive stream". (Sueddeutsche).[GoogleTranslated].
"Is Germany a "Hippie-State" who has lost touch with reality, a country that follows his heart and not his brain?"
Ex-Interior Minister Friedrich warns terrorists could come together with the refugees to Germany. Intelligence agencies and experts estimate this risk rather low. More cause for concern them attempts by Islamists to win the refugees upon their arrival in Germany for their goals.

Is Germany a "Hippie-State" who has lost touch with reality, a country that follows his heart and not his brain? Hans-Peter Friedrich has not used these words of the British Politilogen Anthony Glees . But the CSU politician and former Interior Minister is apparently of the opinion that Germany has literally lost his mind when it decided, refugees to leave just arriving from Hungary. Unbureaucratic, without registration, without control.

Germany durchwankt in the eyes of Frederick just a humanitarian drunken stupor. And Friedrich warns of a bad hangover.

In an interview with the Passauer Neue Presse, he refers to the unbureaucratic recording thousands of refugees as "unprecedented political blunder" that would have "devastating long-term consequences." 

It was "completely irresponsible" to allow the refugees to enter without being able to estimate "how many of them IS fighters or Islamist sleepers" were. No other country in the world would be such a "naive and naive to expose such a risk," said Friedrich on. "We have lost control."

How silently, which calls not only the alarmist Heckling from Bavaria in memory. This is evident also with a view to the debate in other countries: A Hungarian bishop spoke of a Muslim "invasion", the head of the US Homeland Security Committee warned against the "largest concentration of Islamic terrorists of all time" in Syria and Iraq , a French town wants to refugees only enter when the "absolute security" there, "that there are no terrorists in disguise".

The Passauer Neue Presse has also presented to Friedrich interview a number: 29. So many "proven Syrian fighters" had identified the security authorities already among the asylum seekers. The Interior Ministry immediately denied. Although there were always hints that "may also be IS-combatants among the refugees," said a spokesman for the news agency dpa. "However, no such indication has been concretely confirmed."

The Bavarian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution announced on SZ-request that can not be ruled out "the theoretical possibility for terrorist organizations to smuggle members as asylum-seekers". Reliable findings that jihadists used the refugees as entry route, but it does not give. Even robust findings "for stays of IS-members or -Symapthisanten in refugee camps" were missing so far.

Rauf Ceylan, Islamic scholar at the University of Osnabrück, does not believe in an increased danger of terrorism - and warns of a general suspicion towards Muslim refugees. "These are people who flee from extremists," says Ceylan. "Otherwise, they would have remained in Syria." Even Gerhard Schindler, head of the Federal Intelligence Service, said in a recent image interview: "Refugees are not terrorists." Hmmm.....ISIS would be a fool not to grab this possibility with both hands, and they're not fools, and if not ISIS then other groups of fighters as can be seen here on this facebook page. And in pictures below.Read the full story here.

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