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Thursday, September 17, 2015

France: "Governmental instructions" to deny asylum to Syrian Christians?

France: "Governmental instructions" to deny asylum to Syrian Christians? (LSB).[GoogleTranslated].

Better to be a Muslim then A Christian East for obtaining asylum in France. Jean-Marie Le Mene guests on Radio Courtesy Frederic Pichon, Syria specialist at the University of Tours, and Marc Fromager, head of the Aid to the Church in Need, explained why.

two explanations by Frederic Pichon:

"I spoke this afternoon with a senior official of the Republic who works in the reception of refugees and he told me very clearly, saying that I could repeat it everywhere so I took the opportunity to do so - there are government instructions to drown the question of Eastern Christians He said,

"Well, there are Syrian and Iraqi Christians who have been waiting eight months for a visa in Beirut" He explains:.. "You should know that the Embassy of France in Beirut outsources visa records instruction to a Lebanese private company owned by a Sunni Muslim." This is an official, he is a serious, It is a prefect told me that now he would advise almost -. but I do not want to appeal to emigrate here for Christians - Christians to emigrate without asking for visas and go through Turkey and hide in this flood [of migrants] to have a chance to be welcomed. Because there are instructions, he said, especially for Syrian Christians who are deemed to be pro-regime.

Basically, the set, it was to say: "You can accommodate Syrians, provided they are not pro-regime." The implication: if you are Alawites or Christians, you are deemed to be pro-regime, so strangely, your visa is scrutinized for eight months at the Embassy of France. "

Marc Fromager adds a third explanation:

"Even in France it's been years that we have this kind of testimony. Egyptian Christians, for example, who have fled their country because they are threatened, endangered, etc. The instruction is done here with translators Arab, mostly Muslim North African origin.

And oddly [translated these Christians by Muslims] will almost never receive the right to political asylum and thus are turned away. As the Muslims themselves are greeted quite easily. [. ..] It would have to be Arabists translators who are neutral on religious or who do their job well, but in any case, the sum of Christian testimonies is they're disgusted by the asylum right while they were in a visibly Physical pressing danger eventually ask questions "

The issue of Radio Courtesy was registered on September 11. We learned today that a Syrian Orthodox Choir was denied his visa to sing in Strasbourg. Visas she had filed ... to the Embassy of France in Beirut.

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