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Sunday, September 20, 2015

'Evil' IAEA deprived Iran of minimum services: senior Iranian MP

'Evil' IAEA deprived Iran of minimum services: senior Iranian MP. (Taz).

On the issue of the IAEA's failure in supplying 20-percent enriched uranium for Tehran's research reactor in the past which led to Iran's own efforts and success in producing the 20-percent uranium, he (Amano) blamed the member states for disagreement on providing Iran with the supply, and said the problem was not created by the IAEA.

A senior Iranian member of Parliament Alireza Zakani said Sunday that the International Atomic Energy Agency has deprived Iran of the least services envisaged by Charter of the UN nuclear agency, Irna reported.

The IAEA is duty-bound to render services to those member countries that have accepted the Safeguards Agreement, but Iran has been deprived of the least services by the UN nuclear agency, Zakani said, citing Iranian patients' difficulties for receiving radioisotopes for their treatment.

'In 2005, when Iranian patients desperately needed radioisotopes, Belgium stopped providing radioisotopes to Iran. As a nuclear medicine specialist, I know that 130 nuclear centers of the country were shut down for a long time.'

Zakani complained that the IAEA has not carried out its inherent duties so far. 'Once Tehran research reactor ran out of fuel, 20 percent enriched uranium -- and the medical services to the cancer patients were paralyzed, the agency refused to supply fuel to Iran and Iran had no way but to provide fuel by its own which led to international sanctions and heavy damages on national economy,' Zakani said. Hmmm.....OK We had it coming, we asked for it.

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