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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Europol tracking 30,000 suspected people smugglers.


Europol tracking 30,000 suspected people smugglers. (DailyStar).

As many as 30,000 people could be involved in the trafficking gangs charging refugees thousands of euros for a perilous trip to Europe, the head of Europe's police agency said Wednesday.

Rob Wainwright said the discovery of 71 bodies in the back of a truck in Austria last month led Europol to the massive people smuggling operation and the identification of that number of suspects - far larger than the agency had thought.

"The tragic incident in Austria is symptomatic of an explosion in the criminal problem we are seeing right now," he told Reuters. "Thousands of criminals are flocking to this spot, this mass movement of migrants and refugees."

"This year alone we have collected info on up to 30,000 suspected criminals and their associates involved in this. That shows you the magnitude of the criminal activity that is ongoing at the moment," he said.

Europol, which has roughly 950 staff working out of The Hague, is coordinating 1,400 different people smuggling investigations across the continent, Wainwright said. Hmmm.....ISIL would be insane not to use this opportunity to settle inside the whole EU.

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