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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Eleven South Africans return home from IS held territory.

Eleven South Africans return home from IS-holding.(enca).

JOHANNESBURG - Government has confirmed the return of 11 South Africans from Islamic State-held territory in Syria.

Earlier this year, news agency al Jazeera reported that at least 23 South Africans had travelled to areas controlled by the militants since June last year.

At least eight families are believed to have made the journey.

Government has helped to secure this group's return, and said it was working with organisations in Syria to ensure the safety of the remaining South Africans.

It's unclear where in Syria the group had been based or why they were in the country in the first place.

"As law enforcement agencies we are going to be continuing our monitoring work, continue to engage with these individuals to establish from them and allow them an opportunity to provide us with information in terms of what intentions they had so that we can be able to develop a picture of exactly happening in this regard," said State Security Agency spokesperson, Brian Dube.

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