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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Did Turkish army use chemical weapons on Kurds in Dersim?

Did Turkish army use chemical weapons on Kurds in Dersim? (ANF).

There is suspicion that Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) used chemical weapons in the most recent airstrikes conducted in the rural areas of Dersim's Ovacık district for two days.

People's Defense Forces (HSM) Headquarters Command announced two days ago that HPG Command Council Member Baran Dersim (İsmail Aydemir) and guerrillas Erdal Reşo (Abdurrahman Akçin), Cîlo Kop (Resul Balıkçı) and Botan Gevda (Sedat Arslan) fell a martyr in the mentioned airstrikes. Yet, bodies of three among them are currently held at Elazığ Forensic Medicine Institution, and one remains missing. Families of four guerrillas went to Ovacık to identify the bodies but they couldn't recognize them.


HDP Dersim deputy Alican Öncü who also saw the bodies of fallen guerrillas told that; “Families couldn't recognize the bodies which were completely burned and sort of turned into coal. One of the bodies didn't have the head, and one other was entirely burned apart from a small part on the chin.”


Remarking that families couldn't obtain the results of the post-mortem performed on the bodies in Ovacık, Öncü said; “Families gave blood sample for a DNA test. The bodies have been sent to Elazığ Forensic Medicine Institution but the identification will be made only after the Eid Al-Adha due to the festive holiday. Families also demand a detailed post-mortem report in order for it to become clear whether their children were killed by chemical weapons or not.”

Besides the situation of the corpses, the details Öncü provided about the airstrikes also strengthen the doubts over the use of chemical weapons prohibited by international rules.


According to the information provided by Öncü, Turkish army used fire fighting aircraft following the bombardment which lasted two days. This happened for the first time during the last 40 years of war in Kurdistan.

HDP MP Öncü said that; “Hundreds of bombardments were conducted on mountains and villages during the past 40 years but state forces never performed fire fighting in any of these. This has been the first time when the fire in the area was extinguished by Turkish aircraft in the middle of the night, without even waiting for the morning hours.”

To the question why it happened so, Öncü answered; “I don't know but this first ever fire fighting efforts by the state supports our suspects. They might have extinguished the fire to lessen the effect of chemical weapons.”


Öncü pointed out that besides the bodies held at Elazığ Forensic Medicine Institution, there are also some other bodies currently held at Malatya Forensic Medicine Institution which have yet to be identified in the same way as DNA tests haven't been concluded yet. “The extension of the procedures, which are normally finalized within two days, makes the families suffer a second torture” he stated.

Stressing that the Palace waging this war recognizes no morals, rules of battle and even the traditions of the state itself, HDP deputy for Dersim said; “The cruelty of the state has reached a point of not recognizing its own state traditions even. Bodies of fallen guerrillas are being subject to torture and their families are not being allowed to take and bury them. As we witnessed in Cizre, mothers held the bodies of their children in fridges in their houses. There is no such an instance around the world. They are doing a similar thing in Dersim now.” Hmmmm......It would not be the furst time #Turkish 'herrenvolk' uses chemical weapons on the Kurdish population.See: Confirmed: Turkey used chemical weapons against Kurds  More here.

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