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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bosnia and Herzegovina Imam Halilovic Calls For Jihad Against The Serbs.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Imam Halilovic Calls For Jihad Against The Serbs.(inserbia).

SARAJEVO – Nezim Halilovic, the imam of the mosque of King Fahd in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), in his last sermon, a religious lecture, called Allah to destroy the Republika Serbska, or as he called it, “an entity built on crime and genocide”, writes Serbian daily “Novosti”.

In the above-mentioned mosque, access is restricted to the media and police, and information from sermons leak to the public when they who attend it begin bragging about what imam Halilovic said. Although so far he had tens of mesages which spread religious and national hatred, call for war and the destruction of the Republika Srpska, he has never been sanctioned.

Since the mosque is located in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is in jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry of BiH (MIA), but this institution says that they haven’t received complaints against Halilovic and have not conducted an investigation against him. In addition to MIA of BiH, security agency SIPA is also silent to the radical statements made by imam Halilovic.

Gojko Vasic, director of the police of the Republika Srpska, said for “Novosti” that ignoring Halilovic’s radical statements clearly shows how the security institutions of the Federation of BiH and SIPA are ready to fight terrorism.

MIA of the Federation of BiH allows hate speeches, calls for war and terrorist actions on its territory, and we are talking about the fight against terrorism in BiH. Halilovic is the best example. He is a problem to the security in the Federation of BiH, and it is up to them to solve it,” said Vasic.

He added that the RS police will do everything it can to protect the citizens of the Republika Srpska, but that the problem of Halilovic and his public statements must be solved by MIA of BiH, Novosti reports.

Nazim Halilovic’s actions are not accidental, said for “Novosti” Dzevad Galijasevic, an expert in the fight against terrorism.

According to him, Halilovic publicly calls for opening Wahhabi fronts in the Republika Srpska and military action, and for now security agencies are silent.

Do we need to have a terrorist attack happening in the Republika Srpska, to have someone react to his radical calls? Halilovic is the extended arm of Saudi Arabia in BiH, but also in the region.

Wahhabi centers in the world want to have major incidents in the Republika Srpska and BiH and a “Bosnian spring”, or better said the Islamic or Wahhabi. Halilovic’s actions and his calls for war, revenge and extermination of Serbs are a part of a planned chaos in the region by radical Islamic ideology led by the Islamic state,said Galijasevic.

According to him, Halilovic’s messages are part of Saudi Wahhabism which is the most dangerous in the world, but regardless of the fact that he has been acting in BiH almost a decade, he has still not been sanctioned for his radical views.

How is it possible that none of the security agencies on the state level in BiH are brave enough to enter the mosque of King Fahd in Sarajevo? Everyone in the country know that the Wahhabis meet there and spread radical views, but there is no reaction.

Sad to say so, but how many terrorist attacks will be required to happen in BiH to actually do something and prohibit the operation of such radical people and close objects where terrorism is supported?,” said Galijasevic.

Halilovic called the “consecrated individuals led with Allah’s hand to execute his wishes and commands”.

Before the commemoration on July 11 in Potocari, when the Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic was attacked, he held a sermon in which he called Allah’s curse on “the criminals and their accomplices, the lobbysts against the resolution on Srebrenica”. Hmmmm...... after a visit from Turkish pres Erdogan in Spring.  Below pictures of the Imam of the 'religion of Peace' in his younger days. (1994).

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