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Monday, September 14, 2015

Austria to deploy army as part of tougher border controls.

Police at Austrian -Hungarian Border (Source)

Austria to deploy army as part of tougher border controls.(Itv).(HLB)[Google translated].

Austria is following Germany in introducing tougher border controls, and it is deploying the army to assist in dealing with an influx of migrants, Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner has said.

"If Germany carries out border controls, Austria must put strengthened border controls in place. We are doing that now", Mr Mitterlehner said.

At the German border controls today thirty human smugglers have been apprehended near Passau , police said.

The German checks will continue for weeks , said the interior minister of the southern German state of Bavaria , Joachim Herrmann. According to him, the controls are not there to stop refugees, but they are necessary because many people who are not refugees keep up with the flow.

During the past weekend 40 thousand refugees entered Germany, 12 thousand of them entered Munich, where local police said the city is in full capacity and cannot absorb any more refugees. In Austria, 40 people were found in a refrigerator truck. Thirty four immigrants, half of them children, drowned to death yesterday (Sunday) across from Greek shores.

A report of the German intelligence agency claims that extreme Islamic elements in Germany are working to recruit asylum seekers who flow into the country in recent weeks.

“The extremists are trying to approach the young unaccompanied refugees, who arrive in our country without their families and are particularly looking for contacts and support,” a spokesperson for the intelligence service said. “The extremists want to take advantage of the insecurity and distress of the refugees,” he said. Read the full story here.

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