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Friday, September 4, 2015

Arrest of five Islamic State fighters infiltrated among the flood of 'refugees'.

Arrest of five Islamic State fighters infiltrated among the flood of 'refugees'. HT: DreuzeInfo.[GoogleTranslated].

Five men posing as refugees trying to cross the border between Bulgaria and Macedonia were arrested. Their smartphones contained beheadings videos (which they may have particité), as well as propaganda material for the Islamic state.

Five terrorist combatants arrested by chance, for how many hundreds, thousands, already entered on European soil?

The Bulgarian authorities have benefited of the stupidity of terrorists and integrity of customs.

According to the Bulgarian channel TV Nova cited by Breitbart, five men aged from 20 to 24 years, traveling aboard a car registered in Kosovo, came to the border post Gyueshevo.

They then tried to give a bribe to the border guard to avoid being searched and that he let them cross.

The border guard not only refused the money, but decided to search the five men. Border Police discovered the recruitment propaganda to the Islamic state, the texts of specific prayers for jihadists, beheadings and videos on their smartphones.

Terrorists have been imprisoned, and Kyustendil Regional Prosecutor of the National Agency of the Bulgarian Internal Security (DANS) has been seized of the matter.

The five men had tried to cross the Bulgarian border west in the hope that the security forces would be mobilized on the southern border with Turkey to curb the influx of migrants.

The men chose to cross in a wooded area and took a car from an accomplice who had crossed legally from Macedonia.

The State Agency for National Security (DANS) took control of the investigation under the supervision of the regional prosecutor's office in Kyustendil.

In February 2015, the Turkish intelligence had informed the European authorities in an internal memo published by RT, about 3000 jihadists planned to cross the Turkish border from Syria and Iraq in order to enter Europe through the Bulgaria and Hungary.

The European authorities have not responded. The jihadists have not waited ...

Last May, reports IB Times, Abdul Basit Haroun, an adviser to the Libyan government, told the BBC that the Islamic State fighters were "sent to Europe in boats of migrants".

The European authorities have not responded. On the contrary, many politicians expressed the need to welcome more migrants.

The jihadists did not wait for an invitation.

Should we be more specific? When the Islamic state announced that he will flood the European continent half a million migrants hidden among jihadists, these are not the speeches of Muslim-leftist useful idiots demonizing those who would preserve what can still be that are going to change the mind terrorists. Hmmmm........I've warned many times before, We are not ready for ISIS Child soldiers showing up in our streets & Homes.

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