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Friday, September 25, 2015

Archbishop of Mosul Dire warning to Europe: "Our suffering is a foretaste of what you will endure"

Flashback: Archbishop of Mosul Dire warning to Europe: "Our suffering is a foretaste of what you will endure". (UnserTirol).[GoogleTranslated].

The archbishop of Mosul (Iraq), Amel Shimon Nona, turns with exhortation to Europeans and Christians. He warns of too liberal values ​​and policies. This was in the Middle East "worth nothing".

"Our present sufferings is a foretaste of what you will suffer in the near future you Europeans and Christians. I've lost my diocese. The premises of my apostolate were occupied by Islamist radicals who want to see us either converted or dead. But my church is still alive.

Please try to understand us. Your liberal democratic principles are worth nothing here. You have the reality in the Middle East in mind, for you is an ever-growing number of Muslims in your country welcome. But you are in danger. You must firm and courageous decisions, even at the cost to contradict your principles.

You believe that all men are equal, but that's not true: Islam does not say that all people are equal. Your values ​​are not his. If you do not understand the fast enough, you'll prey to the enemy, whom you welcomed with you at home. "

On the question of whether Islam per se is already a danger responds Amel Nona:

"No of course not. The vast majority of Muslims want nothing more than you and I. Live peacefully with each other. So they live. Without a doubt. But in the West, the threat posed by IS, by Salafists, jihadists, still ignored criminally. You are too naive in the West. Islam, the Sharia, as propagated completely different values ​​in part. Which are not always compatible with the values ​​of the West.

Islam is in deep crisis. For centuries already. He has without a doubt a tremendously spiritual, theological, humanistic potential. Only: This is not used. It lies fallow. Many Muslims were therefore prone to ideologues and demagogues who interpret the fundamentals of religion of Islam in its own way.

The consequences are shown here. These episodes will also be felt in the West sometime

In Europe there is today a constantly growing jihadist potential that hates the West. The West has no answer to this threat and to this day comes from the Islam out no response to this threat. What has developed here, will spread further, will not stop at your borders. It has long made it with you and overgrown with you further. "

(From "ISIS global jihad" by Bruno Schirra). The statements of the archbishop date back to 2014. So even before the terrorist attacks of Paris and Copenhagen.

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