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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Anti-US rhetoric a last-minute addition to Obama's BFF Rouhani’s UN speech

Anti-US rhetoric a last-minute addition to Obama's BFF Rouhani’s UN speech. (TOI).
Two passages bashing America were hurriedly inserted into Iranian president’s text.
The extra sentences were included in Rouhani’s address only after the formal text had been submitted to the UN. They therefore are not contained in the text of the speech as it appears on the UN’s website; the UN posted the unamended text, as is its custom, shortly after the speaker had completed his address.

The extra passages appear to have been hurriedly written: In a speech whose English translation is generally of a high, polished standard, both of the additional passages interrupt the flow of the speech and feature grammatical errors.

The additional passages also jar in tone with the thrust of much of the speech, in which Rouhani repeatedly reaches out to the international community, proclaims the start of a “new era” and a “new chapter” in Iran’s relations with the world, and calls for greater international cooperation. By contrast, the added passages appear to reflect a harder-line rhetorical style, more typical of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and other Iranian officials who repeatedly declaim against warmed relations with the United States.

Iran expert Dr. Soli Sahavar noted that “Rouhani is constantly walking on eggshells between Iranian conservatives and moderates,” and speculated that “one of his consultants may have added those sections for perceived balance.” Sahavar, who heads Haifa University’s Ezri Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies, noted that material far more hostile to the US features frequently in the Iranian press at present, “with the US depicted as weak, and Iran as bold and victorious.” Hmmmm.....As i said last week the 'moderates' are on their way out, their usefulness has expired for the Supreme leader.Read the full story here.

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