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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Women's group Congress of Free Women (KJA) to file charges for 'inhumane' treatment of Ekin Wan

Pictured Two PKK Kurds killed and dumped at 'monument' who says 'Happy is he who can say i am a Turk' 

Women's group Congress of Free Women (KJA) to file charges for 'inhumane' treatment of Ekin Wan. (Jinha).

WAN - The women's group Congress of Free Women (KJA) is preparing to file charges related to the torture and exhibition of the naked body of woman guerrilla Ekin Wan.

On August 10, Kevser Eltürk (Ekin Wan) of the guerrilla group YJA STAR was killed in a clash in the Varto district of Northern Kurdistan (Turkey). After Ekin's death, police stripped her body and dragged it through the streets with a rope, then abandoned it in a village square. Police shared photographs of what they had done on social media.

Gülistan Eltürk, Ekin's sister, said that her sister was serving as a commander in Varto at the time. "She sacrificed herself so that the fighters she was responsible for would not die," said Gülistan.

Gülistan reported that when the family went to retrieve the body, it was given to them naked, with no belongings. She said that dozens of police and soldiers watched with "mocking" expressions as they identified the body. Gülistan, not wanting to expose her sister's naked body in front of the crowd, only looked at her sister's face and did not have a chance to see the wounds. Then, police followed the family as far as their house.

"For a lifeless body to be stripped naked like this and dragged on the ground is an inhumane practice. We will following up on this and holding responsible those behind this," said Gülistan. ""When the system strips my sister naked like this, they're trying to send the message: 'see the weakness of the person you see as sacred?' But they don't know a thing about the love inside us and the consciousness in our lives."

The Kurdistan-based women's group Congress of Free Women (KJA) has condemned the treatment of Ekin's body. They are preparing to file charges related to the incident.

The Democratic Regions Party (DBP) has issued a call for those responsible for the sexist and patriarchal treatment of Ekin's body to be tried. Hmmm....NAZI tactics by a 'Neo Ottoman' Herren Volk.

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