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Sunday, August 30, 2015

What will change on board cross-border trains and TGV, Thalys: Searches of luggage and armed patrols.

What will change on board cross-border trains and TGV, Thalys: Searches of luggage and armed patrols. (Liberation)[GoogleTranslate].

Bernard Cazeneuve on Saturday confirmed the establishment of a battery of measures to tighten security on board cross-border trains and TGV, Thalys after the attack.

Eight days after the shock of the attack Thalys, Bernard Cazeneuve on Saturday announced a series of measures to strengthen security on trains, at a meeting between nine European countries connected by rail lines (France, Germany, United -um, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland). The Minister of the Interior plans include the development of named tickets for transborder trips and strengthen multinational patrols and baggage checks. Overview of the new measures.


Random screening of baggage will be made ​​"in the coming weeks [...] both the Thalys and TGV", said the Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, after of the meeting. This control may be aimed either "some luggage" or "all baggage" of passengers in a train, the examination can be done "to X-rays such as is done in Spain," he said .

"Everyone who will take the train needs to know [...] it may be subject to a random check of all of his baggage," he added.

Moreover, the powers of officers of the General Surveillance (Suge, SNCF railway police) will be strengthened to enable them to perform visual searches of luggage, like security guards stores. In case of refusal, passengers will get "no more opportunity to get on the train" and "it will be very easy for agents of Suge (...) to alert the police," said the Minister.


"We will also strengthen patrols, that is to say, the presence of armed people", primarily aboard trains crossing the border but "also on the TGV," said Alain Vidal. These patrols, "we will multiply with great extent, with additional staff," he continued, without numbering these future reinforcements.


"We will continue to systematically implement [...] and coordinated checks on persons jouissants of free movement," says the Interior Ministry, which calls on the European Commission to consider a "targeted modification of rules Schengen Borders Code allowing permanent control where and only where necessary, "while preserving" the flow of traffic "for border crossing points.

The 26 countries of the Schengen area abolished the physical borders and the rule of free movement of persons forbidden to reintroduce systematic border controls.

Besides the baggage search, agents of Suge, railway police of SNCF, will "soon proceed, in trains and stations in French territory, security pat-downs" and will be "allowed to patrol and to verbalize in civilian clothes and armed "in trains, the SNCF said in a statement. Finally, the Government is studying the possibility of making compulsory detention of identity papers in stations or on trains.

All the proposed measures will be discussed at a meeting of the National Security Committee in transit, convened on September 17 by the Minister of Home Affairs, Bernard Cazeneuve.Read the full story here.

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