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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Video - Witness account on the massacre by Turkey in Zergele village in Kandil.

Video - Witness account on the massacre by Turkey in Zergêle village in Kandil. (FiratNews).

ANF spoke to witnesses of the massacre in Zergêle village in Kandil which was targeted by airstrikes of the Turkish army early this morning. The attack on the civilian village left nine civilians dead and 15 others injured.

Süleyman Nebî Bokî told that; “Two people lost their lives in the airstrikes. The villagers and their relatives that went to the scene for them were also bombed by Turkish jets, which left seven people dead. The Turkish state is targeting Kurds. All the people living here, and all those killed in the strikes, are civilians and villagers.

One other villager Feqî Muhammed also reacted to the attacks, saying; “There were six houses in this area, and all of them have been destroyed. The people targeted here are innocent civilians. The Turkish state is targeting Kurdish villagers on the excuse of PKK guerrillas.

As the bombing campaign of the Turkish state against the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones continues uninterruptedly since July 24, Turkish jets hit the Zergele village in Kandil region at around 4 am this morning.

The first attack with rockets firstly claimed the lives of a civilian man and his wife. The second bombardment came as the people in the village and relatives of the slain husband and wife went to the scene to see what had happened. This second bombing which targeted civilians left seven dead, including children, and 15 others wounded. Those with critical injuries have been taken to hospitals in nearby settlements.

Many animals were also killed in the bombardment which destroyed all the six houses in this area.

Update more videos emerged:

دیمەنی قوربانیان یەکەم ساتی قوربانیان نەفرەت لە نۆکەرانی تورک

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