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Friday, August 21, 2015

Turkish 'Herren Volk' paper: “This isn't a Turk-Kurd war, but a war between Muslim and infidel!”

Turkish 'Herren Volk' paper: “This isn't a Turk-Kurd war, but a war between Muslim and infidel!” (yenisafak).

Just think about it: Turkey is maximizing its economy, its strategic targets, and spreading its horizon to the geography of other civilizations..... To put it simple, it is growing in every sense.

This is disturbing to all global powers; in fact, it is driving them insane! Gaining their hegemony upon looting the territories belonging to the Ottoman civilization, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, breaking these territories into pieces and antagonizing the people of these regions through planting the seeds of ethnicity, tribes and sectarianism, these global evil powers are now waging war on the Turkey who is growing, recuperating and walking towards making history.

Aren't the countries' elites, parties, media organs, social, political and economic circles supposed to stand up to these attacks that have come at such a time?

Yet, the exact opposite is happening in Turkey. Evil powers are declaring a total war on Turkey; taking advantage of the political vacuum in Turkey, they are now trying to incite terrorism!

Well, what are “ours” doing! Overtly, they are striking at Turkey together with the evil powers that are pushing us into chaos! Instead of ruining their plans, they have become part of this gang, and are trying to drown Turkey!

Now, this, I will revolt, my friend! This is betrayal! Betrayal!

It is rather obvious why these evil powers are attacking Turkey. And yet, Turkey's “opposition” parties are actually behaving in conformance with these powers by lashing at Tayyip Erdoğan, who has enhanced Turkey, has deepened Turkey's strategic objectives, who has become the hope for the Muslims living in oppressed regions, and who has stood against the global system –from within-. And, they are licentiously hoping help from terrorism.

This is called betrayal! Betrayal!

I would like to remind all that: Despite all attacks and provocations, Tayyip Erdoğan should keep his calm, embrace all society, and welcome all criticism with the patience of Prophet Ayyub.

Turkey is going through a very rough time. We can only overcome these rough times with patience, prudency, and by embracing the society as a whole, not by increasing the tension.

I'd like to warn from now: Tayyip Erdoğan is the only man who can clear the way of Turkey and reunite the Muslim World. Allah has put the love of one man into the hearts of the Muslim Ummah: Tayyip Erdoğan. Hmmmmm.......Obviously They see Erdogan as a second 'Hitler' send by God to save the Ottoman Empire'. Read the full 'madness' here.

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