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Saturday, August 29, 2015

'Too Young to wed' - Underage 10 - 14 year old children tie the knot in Iran.

'Too Young to wed' - Underage children tie the knot in Iran. (ET).

A teenage boy and girl, although under the marriageable age, got married in Iran, with their wedding photo-shoot sparking interest across social media.

Although under the legal marriageable age in Iran, the couple’s families were granted permission by the authorities, after which the 14 and 10-year-olds were married.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the legal age for girls to marry is 13 provided she has her father’s permission. On the other hand, boys can marry from the age of 15.

According to Iranian news website Tabnak, as many as 42,000 children aged between 10 and 14 were married over a period of time in the country. Hmmm.....Pres Hussein Obama's new BFF.....IRAN.Read the full story here.


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