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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Thai police have arrested a Turkish man in connection with the Bangkok Erawan shrine bombing.

Thai police have arrested a Turkish man in connection with the Bangkok Erawan shrine bombing. (Bangkokpost).

Thai police have arrested a young man in connection with the Erawan shrine bombing. He reportedly holds a Turkish passport .

In a surprisingly short (3-minute) statement, Police spokesman Pol Lt Gen-Prawut Thavornsiri confirmed that a foreign national of unspecified nationality has been taken into custody and is believed to be involved in both the Erawan shrine bombing and the Sathorn pier bombing.

Pol Lt-Gen Prawut also showed photos of various bomb-making materials found in the apartment, including detonaters and a steel pipe. The man, the police say, may not have planted the bombs, but he is part of the network that carried out the operation.

Pictures shown of evidence found at the apartment included motorcycle ball bearings that police believed could be used as bomb components and passports of a "foreign country".

"We believe that he is part... "We believe that he is part of the same gang [that carried out the Erawan shrine attack]," said Pol Lt Gen Prawut.

A senior military officer told AFP that the man was Turkish. "He is a Turkish national," the news agency quoted Col Banphot Phunphien, a spokesman for the Internal Security Operations Command as saying.

"We also found many empty fake passports, also various kinds of evidences."

Voice of America reporter Steve Herman has tweeted that police informed him that the suspect is 28 years old and is apparently from Istanbul.

On Friday police Pol Gen Somyot warned against assumptions that the attack might be linked to the country's deportation of Uighur Muslims to China last month.

He made the comment after confirming that three Uighurs, among dozens detained for illegal entry last year, had been questioned in Sa Kaeo province. Speculation has mounted after an analyst from IHS-Jane's,...

Speculation has mounted after an analyst from IHS-Jane's, a defence analysis company, raised the possibility of the involvement of the Grey Wolves, a Turkish militant group, said to have been angered by the deportation of 109 Uighur people to China.  Hmmmm.......All Islamist roads lead to Turkey. Read the full story here.

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