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Saturday, August 22, 2015

'Sometimes NATO Ally' Turkey funding and supplying weapons to terrorist groups in Libya.

'Sometimes NATO Ally' Turkey funding and supplying weapons to terrorist groups in Libya. (AW).

The spokesman for the 'Operation Karma', Major Mohammed Hijazi, accuses Turkey of "funding and arming terrorist groups in Libya".

Hijazi's statement came during a 'Sky News Arabia' interview on Saturday, saying that "terrorist groups are using boats that run from the port of Misrata but were imported from Turkey, there is a constant movement of foreign fighters to Benghazi".

Hijazi added: "Turkey has been supplying terrorist groups with thermal rockets and anti-aircraft weapons, theses shipments have been protected by Turkish naval vessels".

Hijazi, in another statement, to the the London based 'Al-Arab' newspaper, said that "During the past few day Libyan security forces have seen increasing attempts by extremist groups to transport arms, military equipment and personnel from outside Libya by sea and air, despite the strikes facing them from the Libyan Air Force".

Hijazi described such attempts "as an open front against the Air Force intended to neutralize it in its battle against terrorism".

According to Hijazi, the Libyan Air Force destroyed a ship off the coast of Benghazi several days ago that contained "foreign fighters and large quantities of arms", he stressed "the ship entered Libyan territorial waters coming from Turkey".

The Libyan Air Force also targeted a boat yesterday, Saturday, near the M'reisa port in western Benghazi. Hmmm.....How much longer will the Obama 'Admin' and NATO keep protecting this 'State sponsor of terrorism'?

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