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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shooting in Thalys: profile of the perpetrator Ayoub el Kazzani, becomes clearer.

Shooting in Thalys: profile of the perpetrator Ayoub el Kazzani, becomes clearer. (FrInfo).[GoogleTranslate].

The Spanish press has unveiled Saturday the name of the main suspect in the shooting of the Thalys. This would be Ayoub el Kazzani, a man of 26 years known by the Spanish and French intelligence.

Ayoub el Kazzani, 26, would be the heavily armed man behind the shooting Thalys Amsterdam. - Paris Friday afternoon This is the Spanish newspaper El Pais on Saturday that reveals his name. Of Moroccan origin, he was considered by the Spanish anti-terrorist services as a potentially dangerous radical Islamist.

Paris prefers to " be cautious "about its identity and has not yet confirmed. If however it should be, " it would correspond to that of an individual of Moroccan nationality aged 26 reported by the Spanish authorities to the French intelligence services in February 2014 because of his membership in the radical Islamist movement "said Bernard Cazeneuve at a press conference this Saturday at midday.

A "Security" card was issued about him

It is this report that led ISB (the Directorate General of Internal Security) to be issued against the man an S form, " security "," in order to locate him in the event of his eventual arrival on the national territory . " Contrary to what the Spanish newspaper El Pais, he did not leave Spain for France, but for Belgium in 2015.

The suspect was taken into custody at the police station of Arras. " He was transferred early this Saturday morning at the headquarters of the Anti Terrorism Sub-Directorate of the Judicial Police and ISB in Levallois Perret "has completed the Minister of Interior," is currently heard in a custody, which can last 96 hours . "

The Belgian prosecutor opened an investigation on " the basis of the Anti-Terrorism Act . " Hmmmm......Once Again Belgium the 'Hotbed' for ISIS wannabees is involved.

More here, Here  and here from Belgian news: [Google Translate].

Three months ago El Khazzani had traveled from Spain through Germany to Istanbul. Its suspected that when he went to SyriaSuspect was regularly in Antwerp.

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