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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Russian Security Forces Kill Eight Alleged ISIS Militants.

Russian Security Forces Kill Eight Alleged ISIS Militants.(EUNews).

Russian authorities announced on Sunday that its security forces had killed eight terrorists it says were affiliated with Islamic State (ISIS), after a firefight in the North Caucasus region, west of Chechnya, according to AFP.

Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) made the announcement on Sunday evening after Russian forces ambushed the militants early on Sunday morning in the southern republic of Ingushetia.

"According to information available to the security services, the militants killed in the operation had recently pledged allegiance and became members of the Islamic State international terrorist organization. All of them were complicit in a number of crimes of a terrorist nature, including the killings of law enforcement officers and the extortion of money from entrepreneurs," the statement from the NAC said.

One of the men killed during the firefight, Adam Tagilov, was said to be the leader of the group. Tagilov was suspected of being behind the December 4 terror attacks in the city of Grozny in Chechnya, according to the NAC. The attack killed 25 people, including 14 security officers, after Islamist militants stormed and occupied a police checkpoint, Associated Press publishing house and a school in the city.

During Sunday's combat with the militants, who the the Federal Security Service say they identified in April as belonging to the ISIS-affiliated group "Imarat Kavkaz," the security forces uncovered explosives, handguns and over 2,000 rounds of ammunition. Read the full story here.

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  1. France should release those ships they contracted to build for Russia,
    & Like in WWll USA should embrace Russia into the Coalition against ISIS


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