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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

'Not the Onion' - U.N[utcases] to reportedly let Iran inspect its own nuclear sites.

'Not the Onion' - United N[utcases] to reportedly let Iran inspect its own nuclear sites. (Jpost).

The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency will allow Iran to use its own experts and equipment to conduct an investigation into questions over its past nuclear weaponization work, according to a leaked document obtained by the Associated Press.

The agreement, characterized as “unusual” by nuclear experts, amounts to the IAEA “essentially ceding the agency’s investigative authority to Iran,” the AP stated in its report.

the terms of this particular agreement appear unusual. The IAEA has sought access to several sites, including an Iranian military complex at Parchin, for nearly a decade, in order to obtain answers to a set list of questions over the possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program.

Physical access will be denied, the report said, as will photo and video evidence of areas of several sites, to accommodate Iran’s “military concerns.”

If this is the agreement, then it is absurd,” said Simon Henderson, a proliferation expert and director of the Gulf and Energy Policy Program at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “If we are not confident that we know what Iran has done in the past, then we cannot accurately estimate how long it would take Iran to break out.

Unless non-Iranians do the inspecting, we won’t be confident,” Henderson continued, calling the development a “major, perhaps fatal, weakness” in the accord. “It is no good just considering breakout in terms of enriching enough material, in this case [highly enriched uranium], for a nuclear weapon.”

To permit Iran to carry out its own soil sampling and to rely on technical checks will not compensate for the necessity that IAEA weapons inspectors must physically enter and thoroughly investigate any suspect military or nonmilitary sites,” Dubowitz said. “It is through these physical investigations that inspectors can dis - cover the clues of clandestine nuclear and weapons develop - ment activities.” Hmmm.......That's like putting Himmler in charge to make sure no death camps are build. Read the full story here.

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What is in the secret side deals? According to Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), one of the side deals governing inspections of the Parchin military complex allows Iran to collect its own soil samples, instead of IAEA inspectors. That is like letting Lance Armstrong collect his own blood samples for a doping investigation.

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