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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Minsk peace talks on Ukraine end without any agreement.

Minsk peace talks on Ukraine end without any agreement. (UAE).

Another round of peace talks on Ukraine, ending without any agreements. Representatives from Russia, Ukraine, east Ukraine militants and Europe's OSCE watchdog debated long into the night at this hotel in the Belarusian capital Minsk on Monday.

Four main themes were discussed - based around security, the economy, politics and humanitarian issues. In particular, the demilitarization of the Azov Sea coastal village of Shyrokyne and the extension of a buffer zone along other parts of the front line.

Martin Sajdik, OSCE representative at talks: "Work is being conducted, as you know, on the agreement on the pullback of tanks and artillery - calibre of up to 100mm and mortars of a calibre of up to 120mm. This work will continue tomorrow."

Plans to create a buffer zone east of Mariupol have angered a proportion of local residents and Ukrainian fighters. They argue Russian-backed militant units would launch a fresh advance along the coastline, if Ukrainian forces were to give up land in line with any political agreement.

Diplomat talk of a largely-held ceasefire in eastern Ukraine has not mirrored along parts of the front line, where Ukrainian troops and joint Russian-separatist forces blame each other for launching attacks. Read the full story here.

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