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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Libyan army reports alleged Turkish arms shipments to Islamist & Terrorists

Libyan army reports alleged Turkish arms shipments to Islamist and Terrorists. (EI).

Libya’s army spokesperson has accused Turkey of aiding Islamist militias operating in his country with weapons shipment as forces allied with the internationally-recognized government resumes battles with rival Islamist groups.

In statements published Saturday, Mohamed Hegazy told London-based Al-Arab newspaper that Turkish vessels had been detected over the past few days shipping anti-aircraft missiles to “Muslim Brotherhood-linked and terrorist groups”.

He did not clarify when the discovery was made exactly nor whether there had been any action taken against the alleged shipments, but said that Islamist militias have been receiving arms and fighters by sea and by air despite Libyan airforces strikes.

Hegazy told the newspaper that a ship carrying foreign fighters was also targeted by air forces off Bengazi shores.

Libya has seen a surging influence by various Islamist groups currently battling forces managed by the internationally-recognized government in Tobruk since the ouster and execution of former leader Muammar Qadhafi in 2011. There is a rival Islamist government in Tripoli led by the Libyan National Congress. Hmmmm.....The Middle East would be much better off without 'State sponsors of terrorism' Erdogan and Qatar.

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