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Friday, August 14, 2015

Kurdish Witness: Turkish Police put guerrilla clothes on executed Children after the murders.

Kurdish Witness: Turkish Police put guerrilla clothes on executed Children after the murders. (Firat).

Fevzi Kahraman, a witness of the execution by police in Diyadin, told that special operations teams killed three civilians and put guerrilla clothes on them after the murders. Kahraman and three of his relatives have been detained.

Fevzi Kahraman stated that Orhan Aslan (16) and Emrah Aydemir (15) were killed in the bakery they worked at by special operations teams, who later put guerrilla clothes on the dead bodies and took photos of the crime scene.

Fevzi Kahraman objected to the murder of two children at the bakery they worked at, and the use of guerrilla clothing to manipulate the incident. Police then detained Fevzi Kahraman as well as Aytekin, Mehmet and Harun Kahraman who were trying to prevent their relative Kahraman’s detention. Hmmm......I can only compare the 'Herrenvolk' manners of Turkey with the crimes of NAZI Germany at the time. 


AGIRÎ - Turkish state forces killed two teen boys on Wednesday in the town of Diyadin, in Ağrı province. Lawyers have confirmed that the two boys were defenseless civilians.

Lawyers have released a preliminary assessment of the events of Wednesday night in the town of Diyadin, located in the largely Kurdish Ağrı province. The Ağrı Bar Association reported that one HPG guerrilla was killed in a clash that broke out in the evening.

However, lawyers reported that there was a significant difference between the site of this clash and the place where two children were killed. Therefore, they said, the deaths of the boys could not be explained by saying they were "caught in the clashes."

The two teenage boys, Muhammet Aydemir (15) and Orhan Aslan (16), were working at a bakery at the time of the killing. Lawyers noted that based on Muhammet's father's testimony to the state prosecutor, it was clear that the boy had no interest in politics. He had no relationship with the popular Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), let alone with any guerrilla organization. (In contrast, the provincial governor has claimed that the boys were members of the guerrilla.)

The two boys' bodies were found in the wood yard of the bakery where they worked. Lawyers reported that there were no signs of a clash in the wood yard. The door had not been forced and there were no bullet holes at the scene. Muhammet Aydemir's father reported that he had called his son when clashes began, telling him not to go outside.

"When we consider this, along with the fact that the boy was a high school student and still going to school, it is indisputable that these two individuals were there as part of their shift at work, and that they were somehow killed," said the Bar Association. "As a result, we request that the investigation not be shut down and the deaths of both children not be covered up by connecting them to a so-called 'organization.'"

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