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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

'It's a Big Boy' - China's new much, much bigger Mystery Missile And Launcher.

'It's a Big Boy' - China's new much, much bigger Mystery Missile And Launcher. HT: Popsci.

In mid-August 2015, eagle-eyed Chinese drivers spotted a new Chinese military vehicle that may give an indication of new missile launcher capabilities on the way.

Transporter Erector Launch (TEL) vehicles provide a mobile, survivable platform for surface-to-air, cruise and ballistic missiles. This new TEL vehicle is similar to the all-terrain 8X8 TEL for the CJ-10 land attack cruise missile (LACM), but it's much, much bigger.

It appears to share a similar powertrain to the CJ-10 TEL and has the same width, but it's much longer; it has 6 axles with 12 all-terrain wheels. There's an extended section above the first and second axles, which would likely hold additional personnel and equipment for missile launch and flight corrections. Also, it has a satellite communications dome, suggesting that it requires higher bandwidth for datalinks necessary to operate a more sophisticated missile.

Speculation is that the new TEL truck is for the 540km-range YJ-18 anti-ship missile,

Despite the new TEL vehicle's greater length, its twin missile canisters still extend to its rear bumper, showing that the new missile is longer and wider. The new canisters appear to be about 9-10 meters long, compared to 7 meters for the CJ-10 LACM canister. Hmmmm.....As Confusius would say 'Yu So Phukt'. Read the full story here.

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