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Monday, August 17, 2015

Israel Denies Contacts With Hamas on Long-term Truce.

Israel Denies Contacts With Hamas on Long-term Truce. (Haaretz).

At a distance, however, several initiatives are underway to check the feasibility of a ceasefire – the most important being that of former U.K. premier Tony Blair.

Israel officially denied Monday night that it is conducting direct or indirect negotiations with Hamas on a long-term cease-fire agreement.
There are no meetings with Hamas,” the prime minister’s bureau said in a statement, adding: “There are no direct contacts, no contacts through other countries and no contacts through intermediaries.
The statement from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bureau came after weeks of frequent reports from Palestinian and other Arab media of contacts between Israel and Hamas over a long-term cease-fire.

Jerusalem ignored the reports and declined to respond to them for quite some time, which created the impression that there was some substance to them.

Meanwhile, senior officials in Egypt denied that Cairo, which mediated a cease-fire during last summer’s war in Gaza, was involved in any contacts over a new agreement involving Gaza.

An Egyptian security official told Haaretz that the cease-fire agreement formulated at the end of Operation Protective Edge was the only one on the table that the parties recognize. “If there is to be any progress, it must be based on that agreement,” the source said. Hmmmm.....As i already said yesterday Turkey releasing this 'news' is only for domestic use to gain votes for the AKP in the upcoming elections. Read the full story here.

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