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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Is the Obama 'Admin' and NATO willing to coverup a Kurdish 'genocide' in exchange for the incirlik base?

Is the Obama 'Admin' and NATO willing to coverup a Kurdish 'Genocide' in exchange for the incirlik base? (MFS).By Will.

1. Turkmen - Turkish brigade:

A high-level delegation from the Syrian Turkmen Brigades held secret talks in Ankara on Monday to put final touches on a strategy, aiming at developing all armed brigades into a regular Turkmen Army.

Sources in Ankara said the talks have largely revealed the final shape of the United Turkmen Army, who will include 5,000 men. The second round of the talks, which will take place in Ankara on the consecutive second day is expected to focus on division of military duties.

20 senior fighters battling in Aleppo and Bayırbucak have disclosed potential positions where Turkmen forces will be deployed to repel government troops and armed groups, aligned with the regime. “The troops will take defense positions in two main regions; Aleppo and Bayırbucak", said a source, close to the meeting, coordinated by the Turkish intelligence agency, or MIT.

Turkmen army will strive to rescue predominantly Turkmen regions, currently held by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, and stop the ongoing campaing that has aimed at changing the demographical make-up in the region.

Efforts to finalize strategy for the Turkmen force to tackle al-Assad's allied forces in Aleppo are still underway. The largest three Turkmen brigades and other armed groups are expected to unite under the umbrella of the Sultan Murad Brigades, currently battling in this northern Syrian province. The list including names of senior fighters, who have been assigned to crucial tasks in Aleppo has remained undisclosed.

The United Turkmen Army is said to be acting with the Turkish troops during Turkey's cross-border operations which will be coordinated by key intelligence officials in Ankara. The united brigades are expected to make their first appearance after all military preparations are completed following the talks in Ankara. Senior Turkmen commanders will show off their troops with a military parade in the Turkmen Mountain region. Members of Turkmen diaspaora are expected to join in the ranks of the new army to defend their land.

2. Syrian Turkmen move to form anti-Kurd army :

“Turkmen fighting groups in Syria have taken the decision to offer greater support to each other and work to create a Turkmen army if conditions permit,” Syrian Turkmen Assembly chief Abdel Rahman Mustafa told Turkish Anadolu news on Monday.

Alaraby Aljadeed reported that the Turkmen military and civilian officials in the meeting decided to form a military council that reports to the Syrian Turkmen Assembly, a pro-opposition group with ties to the Turkish government.

Syrian Turkmen have already armed themselves in a series of brigades throughout Syria that are loosely affiliated with each other and count on about 10,000 armed men in total, with the largest fighting units operating in the Aleppo province.

Turkey’s security institutions maintain close links with the Turkmen units in Syria, providing special forces training to the brigades, which are affiliated with the Free Syrian Army and have taken part in operations in Aleppo, Idlib and outside Latakia.

The Turkmen National Assembly chief stressed the formation of a Turkmen army would confront what he describes as the “danger of the YPG and the acts of sectarian cleansing it is carrying out, beginning with the expulsion of 200 Turkmen settlements in [the] Tel Abyad [area].”

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on June 15 accused the YPG “seizing certain regions and forcing people living there to migrate,” in reference to the Kurdish advance into Tel Abyad—a mixed Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen border town held by ISIS.

However, the Turkmen National Assembly leader warned that the YPG is “is threatening to head west towards Jarablus and Aazaz where there is also [a] Turkmen [population].”

“For a thousand years, we have ruled our areas, but now, certain nationalistic military formations are trying to take our lands by force,” Mustafa claimed.

“If we do not move we will find ourselves [unable] to return to our houses and our territory. We will stay [that way]: without a homeland.” Hmmm......The stage is being set for a 'ethnic Cleansing' of 'Neo Ottoman' land, Will NATO follow the Ottoman lead and say it never happened just like the Armenian Genocide?

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