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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Iran not to wait for UN Security Council permission for weapon trade, Rouhani says

Iran not to wait for UN Security Council permission for weapon trade, Rouhani says. (TAZ).

Iran will ignore the UN Security Council resolution which imposes limits on the country’s military sphere if necessary, the Islamic Republic President Hassan Rouhani said.

Iran will buy and sell weapons wherever it deems necessary and does not care about any resolution, he said, Iran’s state IRINN TV reported Aug. 22.

According to a UN Security Council resolution which was passed following the Tehran and P5+1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany) nuclear deal Iran will have to acquire permission from the UN Security Council for any arms deal it would like to make.

Rouhani also defended the nuclear deal, saying global reaction towards the agreement proves that it was a good deal, a win-win agreement. He said that all the countries in the world excluding Israel are in favor of the nuclear deal, which is a rare historic event.

Rouhani further stressed that the country’s military power is not against any country.

The military doctrine of the Islamic Republic is based on defense not assault, he added.
The president said the country’s military industry is prepared to defend the country at the highest level.

He further said that deterrence and defense is Iran’s principal strategy.

Iran’s foreign policy is based on d├ętente, confidence-building and convergence with the world, Rouhani said, adding that this policy is not in contrast with empowering the military industry.

If Iran wants productive dialogue with counterparts it should be strong, he stressed.
“If a country is not strong it can not seek real peace.”

However Rouhani underlined that deterrence can not be achieved only by military power.
“We need cultural, political and economic power as well.”

He added that Iran will continue to empower its army in order to protect stability in the region, and sustainable ties with the world as well as the regional countries.

It is also necessary for sustainability of the nuclear deal,” he said. Hmmm.....The deal isn't even approved and already they're breaking it.

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