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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Herren Volk" - Turkish police use sexual torture on arrested Female Kurd.

"Herren Volk" - Turkish police use sexual torture on arrested Female Kurd. (Jinha).

ADANA - In the Turkish city of Adana, police have used sexual torture on 25-year-old Figen Şahin, arrested as police repressed a neighborhood declaration of self-government.

On Sunday night, the People's Assembly of the Dağlıoğlu neighborhood in the city of Adana, Turkey declared self-government in the neighborhood. The Assembly announced that they did not recognize the institutions of the state. Police attacked the gathered crowd with live ammunition and violently arrested ten people. 25-year-old Figen Şahin was among those arrested. She and eight others reported being tortured while under arrest.

Police sexually tortured Figen both in the police vehicle and at the Adana police headquarters, said her lawyer, Evin Bahçeci.
Eight police beat, kicked and pistol-whipped Figen. One group of police targeted her genital region, the other her breasts. Her lawyer reported that police also ordered dogs to attack her.
Figen was released yesterday. She had difficulty walking and was unable to speak. Figen was hospitalized with severe heart contractions related to the blows to her chest. Hmmm......EU And NATO Values.

 Military commander in charge of systematic rape in the past back in command in Turkey 's Kurdish region.

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