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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Diyarbakır Kurdish women speak out against Turkish rapist commander.

Source story here.

Diyarbakır Kurdish women speak out against Turkish rapist commander. (Jinha).

AMED - Musa Çitil, a Turkish military commander noted for his use of sexual torture in the Kurdish region, has been acquitted, promoted and assigned to the main Kurdish city of Diyarbakır. Women's groups in the city have denounced the decision.

The Women's Assembly in the downtown Yenişehir district of Diyarbakır has denounced the promotion and assignment of rapist commander Musa Çitil to their city. In 1993 and 1994, Musa Çitil was the district commander of the military police in the Dêrik area of Mardin province. In multiple legal cases, lawyers have accused Musa Çitil of the killing of 13 villagers and the use of rape under arrest during this period.

The charges against Musa have all been dropped or ended in acquittal. In one case, one of the rape survivors, having exhausted all domestic legal options, applied to the European Court of Human Rights about the case. The court found that there had been an inadequate investigation into Musa and ordered Turkey to pay a fine. Now, Musa Çitil has been promoted to the rank of major general and assigned to the regional command of the military police, headquartered in the city of Diyarbakır.

Gülistan Koyuncu, assistant to the district co-mayor, read a statement on behalf of the local Women's Assembly, detailing the multiple cases against Musa at the gathering outside the city's municipal services building.
"We know that what is fundamentally responsible for the 1400% increase in the number of femicides [in Turkey] over recent years is the very mindset that acquits and promotes harassers and rapists," said Gülistan. 
"In a period when we have called for the right to life in a state of peace at every opportunity, when we have declared our intolerance for rape and the murder of women, we are quite conscious of why people are here who see themselves as having the right to every kind of crime in our land. This is why we will assert and continue our struggle against killers and rapists at every turn."

Women greeted the speech with applause and ululations. Hmmm.....'Neo Ottoman Rulers using Neo Ottoman ways to terrorize the population, Keep 'Islamist' Turkey out of Europe and NATO.

More on this 'Story' can be read here.

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