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Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Pole and a German citizen claim to have found a Gold-laden Nazi train in Poland?

A Pole and a German citizen claim to have found a Gold-laden Nazi train in Poland? (TheNews).

The development revives rumours of German ghost trains hidden in the mountains of Lower Silesia as the Red Army advanced towards Berlin at the tail-end of World War II.

The claimants want 10 percent of the value of the find in return for revealing the location of the supposedly 150m-long armoured train.

As outlined in their claim to Wałbrzych authorities, “the train contains valuable objects, costly industrial materials and precious metal ores.”

Marika Tokarska of the District Office in Wałbrzych has said that although there are “various uncertainties regarding the matter... there are many details that give credence to the fact that the train has been discovered.”

Rumours have endured over the decades that the Nazis built secret tunnels in the mountains of Lower Silesia. Wałbrzych, which was part of Germany prior to World War II and named Waldenburg, was taken by the Red Army on 8 May 1945.

On Stalin's orders Poland's borders were shifted west following the war, and the city became part of Poland. Most local ethnic Germans were resettled west by the Allies to within Germany's new borders.

As Germans fled the advancing Red Army at the end of the war, innumerable valuables were evacuated. Thousands of these, including artworks such as Raphael's 'Portrait of a Young Man', which had been looted from Poland's Czartoryski Museum during the war, have not been traced until this day. (nh/rk) More here.

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