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Monday, August 31, 2015

Former Vice Pres. Dick Cheney Compares Iran Deal to Munich Deal That Led to WWII.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney Compares Iran Deal to Munich Deal That Led to WWII
. (CN).

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz Cheney, are likening President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran to the Munich agreement that paved the way for World War II, saying it makes war “more, not less, likely.”

And for members of Congress, who face a vote on the agreement next month, the choice before them is whether to facilitate “Tehran’s deadly objectives with potentially catastrophic consequences for the United States and our allies.”

The Obama agreement will lead to a nuclear-armed Iran, a nuclear-arms race in the Middle East and, more than likely, the first use of a nuclear weapon since Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” the two wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed published Friday night.

The president has tried to sell this bad deal by claiming that there is no alternative, save war. In fact, this agreement makes war more, not less, likely,” they wrote. “In addition to accelerating the spread of nuclear weapons across the Middle East, it will provide the Iranians with hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief, which even the Obama administration admits likely will be used to fund terror.

The Cheneys criticize what they see as inadequate verifications for inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites, the removal of restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program and the lifting of sanctions against the regime, which they believe will help Iran fund terror.

It is possible to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon, but only if the U.S. negotiates from a position of strength, refuses to concede fundamental points and recognizes that the use of military force will be required if diplomacy fails to convince Iran to abandon its quest for nuclear weapons,” they wrote.

The right person in the Oval Office can restore America’s strength and alliances, defeat our enemies, and keep us safe. It won’t be easy. There is a path forward, but there are difficult decisions to be made and very little time,” they wrote.

The op-ed was adapted from an upcoming book by the Cheneys entitled “Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America,” which is set to be published on Tuesday. Read the full story here.

Microsoft Adding Windows 10 Style Spyware in 'upgrades' to Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Microsoft Adding Windows 10 Style Spyware in 'upgrades' to Windows 7 and Windows 8. HT: Ghack.

Microsoft has been criticized by privacy advocates in regards to the data hunger of its Windows 10 operating system. The operating system slurps data like there is no tomorrow, especially when systems are set up using the express settings.

Experienced users may disable telemetry and data collection partially during setup, and then some more afterwards using the Registry or Group Policy.

What makes this problematic however is the fact that it is nearly impossible to stop all of the data collecting that is taking place.

While users may disable some, for instance by using privacy tools (of which there are plenty), others cannot be disabled or stopped that easily, for instance because of hardcoded host and IP address information that bypass the Hosts file of the operating system.

Windows 7 and 8.

Windows 7 and 8 users have been plagued by "upgrade preparation" updates but left alone otherwise up until recently when it comes to this new level of data collecting.
This changed recently with the release of several updates for both operating systems that step up the game.
  • KB3068708 Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry - This update introduces the Diagnostics and Telemetry tracking service to existing devices. By applying this service, you can add benefits from the latest version of Windows to systems that have not yet upgraded. The update also supports applications that are subscribed to Visual Studio Application Insights. (Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1)
  • KB3022345 (replaced by KB3068708) Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry - This update introduces the Diagnostics and Telemetry tracking service to in-market devices. By applying this service, you can add benefits from the latest version of Windows to systems that have not yet been upgraded. The update also supports applications that are subscribed to Visual Studio Application Insights. (Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1)
  • KB3075249 Update that adds telemetry points to consent.exe in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 - This update adds telemetry points to the User Account Control (UAC) feature to collect information on elevations that come from low integrity levels. (Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1)
  • KB3080149 Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry - This package updates the Diagnostics and Telemetry tracking service to existing devices. This service provides benefits from the latest version of Windows to systems that have not yet upgraded. The update also supports applications that are subscribed to Visual Studio Application Insights. (Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1)
If these updates are installed on the system, data is sent to Microsoft regularly about various activities on it.
Microsoft lists two host names in KB3068708 that data is received from and sent to:

These, and maybe others, appear to be hardcoded which means that the Hosts file is bypassed automatically.

What you can do about it. Read the full story here, MUST READ more here.

Cut EU funding to states who don't take enough refugees: Austria.

Cut EU funding to states who don't take enough refugees: Austria. (DS).

Austria's Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner Monday proposed cutting EU funding for member states that don't take in their fair share of migrants.

"You can't just cherry-pick within the European community," she said of countries which have resisted accepting many asylum-seekers as the European Union struggles to absorb its biggest influx of migrants and refugees since World War II.

One way to put pressure on those states which don't take their fair share, would be "scrapping or cutting financial support," Mikl-Leitner told German public broadcaster ZDF.

"Either Europe fails because of the refugee issue" or it will emerge stronger through a "fair" distribution of refugees, she said.

Austria has tightened controls on motorways near the Hungarian border, where an abandoned lorry was found last week containing 71 dead migrants, four of them children.

The minister said that building a fence, as Hungary is doing on its border with Serbia, was no solution, and the idea that such a move would discourage refugees was an "illusion."

Germany - which expects to receive 800,000 asylum seekers this year, four times more than in 2014 and more than any other EU country - has called for a fairer distribution of refugees between EU countries. Hmmmm.........Muslim-behavior-with-population-increase.

Video - Hamas, Egyptian TV Exchange Threats over Seizure of Hamas Militants in Sinai.

In a televised address on August 21, aired on Al-Aqsa TV, a masked spokesman for the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades vowed that they would "not stand idly by" following the seizure of four of their militants in the Sinai on August 19. TV host Dina Ramez of the Egyptian Sada Al-Balad TV channel responded on August 23 by calling them "cockroaches" who should be "sprayed or else squashed with a slipper," and a day later, another Egyptian TV host, Riham No'man, said on Al-Assema TV that Egypt should strike Hamas.

Video - Does Free Speech Offend You?

Should offensive speech be banned? Where should we, as a society, draw the line where permitted speech is on one side, and forbidden speech is on the other? Should we even have that line? And should free speech be limited by things like trigger warnings and punishments for microaggressions? Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, answers these questions and more.

You can support Prager University by clicking Free videos are great, but to continue producing high-quality content, even small contributions are greater.

AEOI Head Declares Iran's 15-Year-Long Plan to Develop N. Technology.

AEOI Head Declares Iran's 15-Year-Long Plan to Develop N. Technology. (Fars).

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi announced that the country is compiling a 15-year-long plan to further expand its peaceful nuclear know-how and capabilities.

"A 15-year-long plan is being compiled and the plan will be reviewed every 5 years," Salehi said, addressing a ceremony at Fordo nuclear site near the Central city of Qom on Monday.

"One of our plans is to move on the path of commercialization and we hope to gain success in this arena," he added.

Salehi also announced Iran's plans to construct a nuclear hospital and two small nuclear power plants in the Southern province of Bushehr to desalinate water.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, President Hassan Rouhani announced that Iran would commercialize nuclear technology as soon as the nuclear agreement comes into practice in near future.

"Our nuclear program has been recognized in the Resolution 2231 and world powers are eager to cooperate with us in this regard," Rouhani told reporters.

The president added that the Islamic Republic plans to export enriched UF6 and import yellow cake from abroad.

He elaborated that Iran will bring modern technology through cooperation with two countries of the Group 5+1 (the US, China, Russia, France and Britain plus Germany)

Iran and the world powers reached a final agreement in Vienna on July 14 to end a 13-year-old nuclear standoff.

A week later, the UNSC unanimously endorsed a draft resolution turning into international law the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached between Iran and the 5+1 group of countries over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

Now the US Congress and the Iranian parliament have less than 60 days to review the deal to approve or reject its practice.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

What will change on board cross-border trains and TGV, Thalys: Searches of luggage and armed patrols.

What will change on board cross-border trains and TGV, Thalys: Searches of luggage and armed patrols. (Liberation)[GoogleTranslate].

Bernard Cazeneuve on Saturday confirmed the establishment of a battery of measures to tighten security on board cross-border trains and TGV, Thalys after the attack.

Eight days after the shock of the attack Thalys, Bernard Cazeneuve on Saturday announced a series of measures to strengthen security on trains, at a meeting between nine European countries connected by rail lines (France, Germany, United -um, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland). The Minister of the Interior plans include the development of named tickets for transborder trips and strengthen multinational patrols and baggage checks. Overview of the new measures.


Random screening of baggage will be made ​​"in the coming weeks [...] both the Thalys and TGV", said the Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, after of the meeting. This control may be aimed either "some luggage" or "all baggage" of passengers in a train, the examination can be done "to X-rays such as is done in Spain," he said .

"Everyone who will take the train needs to know [...] it may be subject to a random check of all of his baggage," he added.

Moreover, the powers of officers of the General Surveillance (Suge, SNCF railway police) will be strengthened to enable them to perform visual searches of luggage, like security guards stores. In case of refusal, passengers will get "no more opportunity to get on the train" and "it will be very easy for agents of Suge (...) to alert the police," said the Minister.


"We will also strengthen patrols, that is to say, the presence of armed people", primarily aboard trains crossing the border but "also on the TGV," said Alain Vidal. These patrols, "we will multiply with great extent, with additional staff," he continued, without numbering these future reinforcements.


"We will continue to systematically implement [...] and coordinated checks on persons jouissants of free movement," says the Interior Ministry, which calls on the European Commission to consider a "targeted modification of rules Schengen Borders Code allowing permanent control where and only where necessary, "while preserving" the flow of traffic "for border crossing points.

The 26 countries of the Schengen area abolished the physical borders and the rule of free movement of persons forbidden to reintroduce systematic border controls.

Besides the baggage search, agents of Suge, railway police of SNCF, will "soon proceed, in trains and stations in French territory, security pat-downs" and will be "allowed to patrol and to verbalize in civilian clothes and armed "in trains, the SNCF said in a statement. Finally, the Government is studying the possibility of making compulsory detention of identity papers in stations or on trains.

All the proposed measures will be discussed at a meeting of the National Security Committee in transit, convened on September 17 by the Minister of Home Affairs, Bernard Cazeneuve.Read the full story here.

Iran imprisons two for ten years charged of spying for US, Israel, one of them likely Wapo journalist Jason Rezaian.

Iran imprisons two for ten years charged of espionage for US, Israel, one of them likely Wapo journalist Jason Rezaian.(Taz).

Iran has sentenced two people to 10 years in prison each on charges of having spied for the United States and Israel, Islamic Republic Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossien Mohseni Ejei said.

Speaking at a weekly press conference, he said the sentences were issued by the Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court, Fars news agency reported August 30.

Ejei did not say the names of the two people. However, one of them is likely to be Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian.

Rezaian had been charged with espionage and at least three other major crimes. He was allowed to meet his lawyer for the first time in mid-May after 10 months.

While the Revolutionary Court has not disclosed official charges against Rezaian, Iranian media say the charges are related to transfer of information to the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

Rezaian was arrested together with his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, in July 2014.


"The two persons were sentenced to 10-year prison terms by Tehran's Islamic Revolutionary Court," Judiciary Spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni Eje'i told reporters in Tehran on Sunday.

Yet, the spokesman did not reveal the identity of the two convicts.

Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyed Mahmoud Alawi had announced in October that the country's security forces had arrested several spies in the Southern province of Bushehr which hosts the nation's first nuclear power plant.

"Thanks to the vigilance of the Intelligence Ministry forces who monitor the moves of the foreign intelligence services, some agents who intended to carry out surveillance and intelligence gathering for the foreigners in Bushehr province have been identified and sent to justice," Alawi said at the time.

He also warned that foreign spy agencies, including the CIA, Mossad and MI6, were seeking to target and carry out sabotage operations against Iran's nuclear and defense programs, yet he stressed that his forces knew how to fool the foreign spies.

"Some (spying) services like Mossad, the MI6 and the CIA and the countries which are enemies of Iran are naturally in pursuit of negative objectives in the Islamic Republic or sometimes they act directly and leave negative effects in political, economic and social fields," Alawi said.

"And sometimes they make use of other spying services for proxy jobs or use people's internet pages," he added.

"Our nuclear, defense and missile industries and advanced technologies are the arenas in which they seek to gain intelligence and carry out sabotage operations," Alawi said.

He, meantime, stressed that the Iranian intelligence forces had kept vigilant, identified the hostile spy agencies' weak and strong points and adopted the necessary actions to manage these spy agencies.

ISIS reveals new coins to replace 'satanic conception of banks'

ISIS reveals new coins to replace 'satanic conception of banks'. (albawabaeg).

ISIS has revealed its plan or minting its own gold and silver coins in it's latest hour-long video entitled "The Rise of the Khilafah and the Return of the Gold Dinar," released on Saturday.

The video, narrated in English with Arabic subtitles, begins with an extensive analysis on “the capitalist financial system of enslavement, underpinned by a piece of paper called the Federal Reserve dollar note,” and the corruption that allowed for the American destruction of the monetary system intended by Allah with the production of paper money used to finance oil trade.

The new ISIS currency comes in several denominations of silver gold and copper. The coins are imprinted with Islamic symbols and "are completely void of human and animal images in accordance with Shariah law."

The reverse side of one coin shows seven wheat stalks, "representing the blessing of spending in the path of Allah," says the narrator.

Another coin is imprinted with a map of the world, "representing the extent of territory Mohammad's reign would reach, including Constantinople, Rome and America," and another is imprinted with a spear and shield "showing that the source of provision of Mohammad were from jihad in the name of Allah."

An ISIS activist is seen on camera walking through the streets, presenting the newly minted coins to shop keepers, armed men, and civilians with their smiling children. The activists explain to the people that the gold coins hold their value and are worth more than paper money in the bank. The dinar coins are intended to return the power of the money to the people.

"We are witnessing the return of days, like those during the time of the prophet," says one shop keeper, hugging and kissing the ISIS activist.

My dear brothers this will be achieved by our promise and then by our blood for there is no other path to victory except through sacrifice and jihad for the sake of Allah

The video concluded with a three minute lyrical music video showing ISIS warriors fighting against different backdrops. The song runs through different reasons the warriors fight and each paragraph is inter-cut the chorus which sings, "For the sake of Allah we will march through the gates of paradise where our maidens will wait. We are men that love death just as you love your life, we are soldiers that fight in the day and the night."

Osama Bin Laden's Ex-Aide Urges British Muslims Not to Join terrorist group Islamic State.

Osama Bin Laden's Ex-Aide Urges British Muslims Not to Join terrorist group Islamic State.(NDtv).

London: A former aide of Osama bin Laden has appealed to British Muslims not to join Islamic State for the so-called jihad in Syria as he denounced the group's beheadings and mass rape as "completely against Islam".

Abdullah Anas is the most senior former jihadist and one of the architects of the Afghan jihad against the Russians.

In a rare interview, Mr Anas told 'The Sunday Times' that ISIS was exploiting conflict to advance its own agenda, rather than helping oppressed Syrians. "This jihad is not legitimate," Mr Anas said.

He denounced the group's beheadings and mass rape as "completely against Islam" and said the Quran called for prisoners to be treated with the same compassion as orphans and the poor.

He urged young British Muslims not to fall for ISIS slick propaganda on social media, adding: "You are not helping (your Syrian brothers)."

At least 700 British Muslims, including girls as young as 15, are believed to have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS and other jihadist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra, an affiliate of al-Qaeda.

As many as 30,000 foreign fighters have headed to the Middle East, including up to 5,000 from Europe.

The influx of foreign recruits has echoes of the Muslim fighters who flocked to Afghanistan in the 1980s to help defeat the occupying Soviet army.

Mr Anas, 57, an Algerian who lives in Britain, was one of the first to arrive.

He was drawn to the region after meeting Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian cleric widely regarded as the 'Father of Jihad' and Osama's spiritual mentor.

In 1984, Mr Anas and Mr Azzam founded the Services Bureau, an office in Peshawar, near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border which recruited thousands of foreign fighters.

Osama joined the office in 1985 and became a key fundraiser for the Afghan cause.

Mr Anas said the 4,000 foreign recruits who travelled to the area were involved in a legitimate jihad, or holy war, against a foreign aggressor.

"But what ISIS and al-Qaeda are doing (in Syria), they are bringing their own agenda," he said.

Mr Anas said the main priority of such groups was to create an Islamic state, or caliphate, rather than to help Syrians oppressed by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Mr Anas, who married Mr Azzam's daughter, sought asylum in the UK in 1996.

He rejects al-Qaeda, which was established in 1988, but has mixed memories of Osama: "I am torn between two Osamas.

The one in my heart who I remember (from the Afghan jihad) as a very high-mannered and polite man; and the one in my brain, the leader of al-Qaeda, responsible for bloodshed everywhere - that man is not someone I can love."

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fearing defeat, 'Islamist' AK Party may seek ‘war’ to postpone November poll.

Fearing defeat, 'Islamist' AK Party may seek ‘war’ to postpone November poll. (TZ).

Opposition party representatives have voiced concerns that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) may resort to any means possible, including igniting a civil war, to postpone the upcoming election in November and remain in power if it sees another election defeat on the horizon.

Following the election, President Erdoğan gave AK Party leader Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu the mandate to form a coalition government, on July 9, as the AK Party had emerged with the most number of seats in Parliament, but Davutoğlu failed to establish a coalition government.

Although Erdoğan was expected to give a new mandate to the Republican People's Party (CHP) as the second-largest party in Parliament, he did not. This was the first time in the history of the Turkish Republic the mandate to establish a new government was given only once. Following a general election in 1995, even the fourth-biggest party in Parliament was given the mandate to form a new government by the president at the time.

According to Article 78 of the Constitution, elections can only be postponed in the event of a war.

If the holding of new elections is found impossible because of war, the Turkish Grand National Assembly may decide to defer elections for a year. If the grounds for deferment do not disappear this measure may be repeated under the procedure for deferment," the article says.

Opposition parties fear the AK Party may exacerbate the war with the PKK in order to postpone the election.

Former CHP deputy Erdal Aksünger, who now serves as chief adviser for CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, told Sunday's Zaman the AK Party from the very beginning wanted a snap vote because it was unsatisfied with the result of the June 7 general election.

"When they realize they will lose [the upcoming election], they will resort to all means possible, including igniting a war, to ensure that the election is postponed," Aksünger said. Hmmmm.......Erdoğan: 'Democracy is a train we will get out at the station we want'. Read the full story here.

IAEA: Constant modifications in Parchin have undermined agency’s ability to conduct effective verification.

IAEA: Constant modifications in Parchin have undermined agency’s ability to conduct effective verification.(NCRI).

IAEA: “The Agency is not in a position to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran, and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities.”
By barring stringent inspection of Parchin, Iranian regime is planning to prevent disclosure of previous military activities and leave open the path for further clandestine activities

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) declared in its most recent report to its board of governors: “at a particular location at the Parchin site, the agency has continued to observe, through satellite imagery, the presence of vehicles, equipment, and probable construction materials. In addition, a small extension to an existing building appears to have [been] constructed.” The IAEA reiterated that “The activities that have taken place at this location since February 2012 are likely to have undermined the agency's ability to conduct effective verification.”

The report states: “The Agency has concerns about the possible existence in Iran of undisclosed nuclear related activities involving military related organizations, including activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile. Iran is required to cooperate fully with the Agency on all outstanding issues, particularly those which give rise to concerns about the possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear programme, including by providing access without delay to all sites, equipment, persons and documents requested by the Agency.”

The summary at the end of the report states: “The Agency is not in a position to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran, and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities.”

Reza Najafi, the regime’s representative at the IAEA who was upset about the disclosure of illicit activities in Parchin, said, “Still more ludicrous is that it is claimed that a small section has been added to a building near the location claimed by the IAEA and it is not clear what this had to do with the agency.” He absurdly added: The regime “does not need agency’s permission for construction at its sites.” He described “baseless allegations” about the “possible military dimensions of the nuclear program” as “technical and unnecessary details” that have rendered “useless this section of the report” (Fars News Agency, affiliated with IRGC –August 27, 2015).

The recent report by the IAEA indicates that the Iranian regime is extremely fearful of disclosure of its activities at Parchin and attempts to cover up its previous bomb-making activities by obstructing stringent and accurate inspections that would leave the path to future clandestine activities open. Iranian regime’s attitude toward inspection of Parchin demonstrates this fact that mullahs only understand the language of force and they use negotiations, much as in the past couple of decades, to mislead the international community and to continue with their bomb-making project.

As the Iranian Resistance has disclosed on numerous occasions, including in November 2014, Parchin has been one of the principal sites for the organ responsible for manufacturing the nuclear weapon that was previously dubbed “Center for Development of Advanced Defense Technology.”

Saeid Borji, one of the principal directors of this organ was in direct contact with the Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko who built the explosive chamber in Parchin. Borji was the chief of the “Center for Explosives, Blast Research and Technologies” (Metfaz) which is one of the departments of the nuclear bomb-making organ. He obtained Danilenko’s experience and knowledge directly from him.

On the other hand, “Separate arrangement II agreed by the Islamic State of Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency” on inspection of Parchin that was recently reported by the Associated Press is signed by IRGC Brigadier General Ali Hosseini-Tash who is the Iranian regime’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Undersecretary for Strategic Affairs. In the past two decades, in particular when the explosive chambers and blast and explosive experiments were conducted in Parchin, he was among the highest-ranking officials involved in the bomb-making project.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran August 29, 2015

Ultra-nationalist Turkish terrorist group Grey Wolves key suspect in Bangkok bombing.

Ultra-nationalist Turkish terrorist group Grey Wolves key suspect in Bangkok bombing.(Telegraph).

The arrest of a reported Turkish citizen with bomb-making material by Bangkok police has put the spotlight on the Grey Wolves, a pan-Turkic terror group with cause for enmity of Thais

The Grey Wolves, an ultra-nationalist Turkish terrorist group, have emerged as key suspects in the Bangkok shrine bombing after the arrest of a reported Turkish national in the Thai capital.

The extremist faction may have committed the worst terrorist atrocity in Bangkok’s history in retaliation for Thailand’s recent controversial deportation of more than 100 Uighurs, ethnic Turkic Muslims, to China.

No group has claimed responsibility for the bomb that that tore through worshippers at the Erawan shrine, killing six Thais and 14 ethnic Chinese Asian visitors.

But in the most significant breakthrough since the August 17 bombing, Thai police have arrested a man carrying a passport, possibly falsified, of Adem Karadag, a 28-year-old Turk.

His reported citizenship has focussed attention on a possible radical Turkish connection to the bombing.

As The Telegraph reported, Thai police have been investigating the possible role of Turkish visitors to the kingdom as they searched for a suspect matching the composite sketch drawn from surveillance video footage of a man who left a bulky back-pack at the bomb site a few minutes before the blast.

The Grey Wolves have figured as possible suspects because of pan-Turkish anger at Thailand’s deportation of 109 Uighurs to China. Read the full story here.

'Too Young to wed' - Underage 10 - 14 year old children tie the knot in Iran.

'Too Young to wed' - Underage children tie the knot in Iran. (ET).

A teenage boy and girl, although under the marriageable age, got married in Iran, with their wedding photo-shoot sparking interest across social media.

Although under the legal marriageable age in Iran, the couple’s families were granted permission by the authorities, after which the 14 and 10-year-olds were married.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the legal age for girls to marry is 13 provided she has her father’s permission. On the other hand, boys can marry from the age of 15.

According to Iranian news website Tabnak, as many as 42,000 children aged between 10 and 14 were married over a period of time in the country. Hmmm.....Pres Hussein Obama's new BFF.....IRAN.Read the full story here.


Obama's BFF Iran says OPEC members in favor of $70/b oil price.

Iran says OPEC members in favor of $70/b oil price. (Taz).

Iranian oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said that the price of $70-$80 for each barrel of crude oil is fair, and most OPEC members are in favor of it, Iran’s Mehr news agency reported Aug. 29.

“We should make efforts to increase the oil prices in global markets,” Zanganeh said, meanwhile arguing that "Tehran is not concerned about oil price fall”.

If we are concerned about this issue, so we should stop oil production, but we will not give up our historic share in the world market at any cost,” the minister stressed.

Zanganeh earlier blamed the latest drop in oil prices on some members of OPEC and questioned whether any OPEC emergency meeting would reach an agreement.

"To balance the oil price... OPEC members should balance their production. An emergency meeting has been requested and we don't have a problem with that," the Iranian minister said.

Global oil market experienced a historic price fall as US oil prices fell below $40 a barrel on Aug. 28 for the first time since the 2009 financial crisis.

OPEC is not due to meet until Dec. 4.

Saudi Arabia, the world's top oil exporter, and other Gulf states pushed OPEC's strategy shift last year to defend market share rather than cut output to support prices.

Hmmm.....I said it before and say it again, 'Iran will use it's huge stockpile as leverage to gain back their OPEC Share, if OPEC doesn't give in to their demands the will dump all their stocks on the market crashing the OIL market prices.' Nobody wants $20/Barrel prices.

Video - YPG versus Nusra - Jenan moussa Goes In The YPG Underground Maze In Efrin, Fighting Nusra

Thai police have arrested a Turkish man in connection with the Bangkok Erawan shrine bombing.

Thai police have arrested a Turkish man in connection with the Bangkok Erawan shrine bombing. (Bangkokpost).

Thai police have arrested a young man in connection with the Erawan shrine bombing. He reportedly holds a Turkish passport .

In a surprisingly short (3-minute) statement, Police spokesman Pol Lt Gen-Prawut Thavornsiri confirmed that a foreign national of unspecified nationality has been taken into custody and is believed to be involved in both the Erawan shrine bombing and the Sathorn pier bombing.

Pol Lt-Gen Prawut also showed photos of various bomb-making materials found in the apartment, including detonaters and a steel pipe. The man, the police say, may not have planted the bombs, but he is part of the network that carried out the operation.

Pictures shown of evidence found at the apartment included motorcycle ball bearings that police believed could be used as bomb components and passports of a "foreign country".

"We believe that he is part... "We believe that he is part of the same gang [that carried out the Erawan shrine attack]," said Pol Lt Gen Prawut.

A senior military officer told AFP that the man was Turkish. "He is a Turkish national," the news agency quoted Col Banphot Phunphien, a spokesman for the Internal Security Operations Command as saying.

"We also found many empty fake passports, also various kinds of evidences."

Voice of America reporter Steve Herman has tweeted that police informed him that the suspect is 28 years old and is apparently from Istanbul.

On Friday police Pol Gen Somyot warned against assumptions that the attack might be linked to the country's deportation of Uighur Muslims to China last month.

He made the comment after confirming that three Uighurs, among dozens detained for illegal entry last year, had been questioned in Sa Kaeo province. Speculation has mounted after an analyst from IHS-Jane's,...

Speculation has mounted after an analyst from IHS-Jane's, a defence analysis company, raised the possibility of the involvement of the Grey Wolves, a Turkish militant group, said to have been angered by the deportation of 109 Uighur people to China.  Hmmmm.......All Islamist roads lead to Turkey. Read the full story here.

Please credit and share this article with others using this link: View our policies at and © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.

Related? More than 100,000 fake Turkish passports given to ISIL from 'Sometimes NATO Ally' Turkey.

Iran's 'Staunchest ally' Obama Tells U.S. Jews That Opponents Of Iran Deal Are Not ‘Warmongers’

Iran's 'Staunchest ally' Obama Tells U.S. Jews That Opponents Of Iran Deal Are Not ‘Warmongers’ (Matzav).

In a live webcast address to the American Jewish community, President Barack Obama sought to distance himself from accusations that those opposing the Iranian nuclear deal, including several prominent Jewish organizations such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), are warmongers.

At no time have I suggested that somebody is a warmonger, meaning they want war,” Obama said in the webcast hosted by the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Obama added that if the Iran nuclear deal is rejected by Congress then he won’t have many options left except the military option. (PressTV:Obama criticized for implying Jews as warmongers)

“At that point we really don’t have options,” the president said. “We’re kind of flying blind. The logical conclusion is that for any president, me or my successor, to make sure that Iran’s not getting a nuclear weapon, I’m going to have to resort to some sort of military action because there aren’t going to be many other options left to us.”

However, Obama added that it is “not to suggest that opponents of this deal want war. It is a sober analysis of what options we have available to us.”

The address by Obama comes as the White House is sending a top Treasury Department official to Israel for meetings with Israeli leaders regarding the Iranian nuclear deal.

Adam Szubin, the acting undersecretary of treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence will meet with Israeli officials over the weekend, including Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold, National Security Adviser Yossi Cohen and Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Szubin, who is one of the most well-versed officials on the sanctions regime imposed on Iran, will stress to Israel the Obama administration’s commitment to bolstering defense cooperation with Israel, particularly as it relates to Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism. Hmmm.....Iran's 'Staunchest ally' Pres Hussein Obama.

Friday, August 28, 2015

'Advanced Islamist Democracy' Turkish prisons crowded with record breaking numbers.

'Advanced Islamist Democracy' Turkish prisons crowded with record breaking numbers. (Bugun).

The number of prison inmates in the country has reached 170,300 in the first seven months of 2015.

Before the AK Party came to power in 2002, there were 59,429 individuals in jail in Turkey.

  • There were 59,429 inmates in Turkish prisons in 2002, 
  • 64,296 in 2003, 
  • 57,930 in 2004, 
  • 55,870 in 2005, 
  • 70,477 in 2006, 
  • 90,837 in 2007 
  • and 103,235 in 2008. 
  • The lowest number of inmates in Turkish prisons was seen in 1974, when there were 24,860 prisoners in the country.

As of today, there are 2,165 inmates under the age of 18 and 8,017 inmates aged 18-20.

The ruling government, which already built 94 prisons between 2002 and 2014, is planning to build 207 more new prisons in the five years.

There were 212 deaths in Turkish prisons in the first seven months of 2015, according to a report, putting the death tally on course to beat the previous worst year for prison deaths in the country in the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government's 13-year rule.

Of the 212 deaths in Turkey's prisons, 176 detainees died from natural causes, 29 committed suicide and seven more died from other causes. This number is strikingly higher than the 2005 total figure of 59 deaths, but lower than 2014's 380 — the most under an AK Party government.

According the figures given by the Justice Ministry,

  • 89 prisoners died in 2002, 
  • 163 in 2003, 
  • 54 in 2004 
  • and 59 in 2005. 
  • After that, these figures spiked to 157 in 2006, 
  • 178 in 2007, 
  • 211 in 2008, 
  • 287 in 2009, 
  • 307 in 2010, 
  • 321 in 2011, 
  • 345 in 2012, 
  • 316 in 2013 
  • and 380 in 2014. Hmmmm.....Erdogan : "those who are neutral will be disposed off"

Video - Iran's most expensive movie, "Muhammad" The Messenger of God’ world premier in Montreal

Iran's most expensive movie, "Muhammad", which chronicles the childhood of the Muslim prophet, opened nationwide.(rcinet).

‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’, a film seven years in the making, had its world premier at the Montreal World Film Festival this morning. A poorly attended press screening was the fulfilment of the commitment director, Majid Majidi made to the festival, despite pressure in Iran to show it sooner.

Two sold-out screenings in Iran followed quickly on the Montreal debut, to an apparently enthusiastic response, according to director Majid Majidi. The new 190-minute film focuses on Muhammad’s childhood, careful not to show his face. The movie puts him in various scenes and relies on his point-of-view and the family members around him to convey the story. Read the full 'story' here.

Debt ridden Ukraine asks Russia for lower gas prices for coming winter season

Debt ridden Ukraine asks Russia for lower gas prices for coming winter season. (AP).

Emboldened by a deal with international creditors to write down part of its debt, Ukraine on Friday asked Russia for lower gas prices for the winter season.

Russia and Ukraine last year struck an emergency deal on prices through the winter. That deal has expired, however, and the sides have to hold new talks if Ukraine is to receive more Russian gas.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on Friday he is convinced that Kiev and Moscow should go back to the last winter deal, which saw Ukraine pre-pay for gas but receive a sizeable discount.

"We are convinced that the only mechanism to ensure a gas transit to the EU as well as stable supplies to Ukraine is applying the same mechanism that was worked out last year between the EU, Ukraine and Russia," he said in comments released by his press office.

The Ukrainian government on Thursday reached a deal with its international bondholders to lighten its public debt burden. It will see the creditors write off 20 percent of their bond holdings, shrinking $19 billion in sovereign debt to $15.5 billion.

Russian creditors did not take part in talks, but Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko on Thursday insisted that Moscow should accept the same terms because "it would not get a better deal" than Ukraine's other creditors.

Moscow insists that it wants to be fully repaid for a $3 billion loan it gave to Ukraine. The debt is due at the end of the year.

Speaking to reporters late Thursday, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov noted that Russia's loan "was not a commercial one. We provided funds for Ukraine with a below-market interest rate."
 Hmmmm......"Gazprom" has asked the Stockholm arbitration to collect the $ 29.2 billion Gas debt from Ukraine.Read the full story here.

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Iran’s 10-year nuclear 'limits' to start from Sept. 23 - Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement.

Iran’s 10-year nuclear 'limits' to start from Sept. 23 - Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement. (Taz).

Imposing limits on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program will start from Sept. 23, the country’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

Based on the nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers, the 10-year limitations will start from Sept. 23 and at the end of the period the Islamic Republic’s nuclear case will be officially closed, Zarif said, Iran ’s Fars news agency reported August 27.

After several months of talks, on July 14, Iran and the P5+1 (US, Russia, China, France, UK, and Germany) announced a final accord, curbing Iran 's nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of most international sanctions. Following the deal, members of the UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution on July 20, endorsing the deal.

The resolution is completely clear and all limitations on Iran ’s nuclear program will be removed after 10 years, Zarif underlined.

He further said that the imposed weapon and missile limitations against Iran could be lifted even earlier, if the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) approves.

According to the UN Security Council resolution Iran will have to acquire permission from the UN Security Council for any arms deal it would like to make.

Meanwhile the Islamic Republic President Hassan Rouhani said early this week that Iran will ignore the resolution if necessary. Tehran will buy and sell weapons wherever it deems necessary and does not care about any resolution, he asserted.

The Iranian foreign minister also slammed the domestic critics of the nuclear deal, accusing them of trying to distort the achievement as a defeat. Hmmmm......I'm sure it's pure coincidental that they choose Yom Kippur.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Video - Russian report on training of Syria's Spetsnaz before fighting ISIS.

Video - Must see Russian report on training of Syria's Spetsnaz before fighting ISIS. HT And Source:

Iran's 'staunchest ally' the Obama 'admin'- "Iran's Parchin is not a nuclear site" State Dep. says

Iran's 'staunchest ally' the Obama 'admin'- "Iran's Parchin is not a nuclear site" State Department says. (JPost).

Iran's military complex at Parchin is classified by the United States as a legitimate military site run by a sovereign nation, used for conventional military purposes, the State Department said on Thursday.

The statement, by department spokesman John Kirby, was a departure from past US characterizations of the controversial site, which has been shut off to international nuclear inspectors since 2006. The United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency suspects Iran used the site in the past to experiment with nuclear weapons technology.

Any site that hosts such activity— whether it be military or civilian, declared or undeclared by a member state of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to the IAEA— counts as a nuclear site in the eyes of the UN nuclear watchdog. That includes sites that host experimentation with fissile material, as well as those that do not, but instead experiment with nuclear weapons technology such as trigger mechanisms.

"It’s important to remember that when you’re talking about a site like Parchin, you’re talking about a conventional military site, not a nuclear site," Kirby said on Thursday. "So there wouldn’t be any IAEA or other restrictions on new construction at that site were they to occur." Hmmmm.....Who needs enemies with such allies? Read the full story here.

Obama's 'Peace partner' Abbas presents Holocaust as something Jews "say"

Obama's 'Peace partner' Abbas presents Holocaust as something Jews "say" (PalWatch).
"They say they made sacrifices in World War II -we respect what they say"
Abbas adds libel:  Israel doing to Palestinians what Nazis did to Jews: "We must not be a
victim of the victim"

by Itamar Marcus
p:+972 2 625 4140 e:
f: +972 2 624 2803 w:

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in a speech before a delegation of Polish  journalist in Ramallah, referred to Jewish suffering in World War II as a Jewish or Israeli claim that he is willing to respect:
                  "They say they made sacrifices in World War II - we respect what they say."

He made this statement in the context of libeling Israel, as the second half of his statement accuses Israel of doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to the Jews:

"They should not treat us the way they were treated [by the Nazis]. We must not be a victim of the victim. I did not do anything bad to him."

It is striking that in his statement Abbas presents the Holocaust not as historical fact to be acknowledged but as something "Jews say" which he is willing to "respect." Additionally, his choice of terminology to describethe genocide of 6 million Jews completes his trivialization of the
Holocaust: "... they made sacrifices in World War II."

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that Holocaust denial and trivialization are repeated regularly by the PA.

Abbas wrote a book in 1984, called "The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism," which is currently still available for reading on Abbas' personal website, that accuses the Zionist leadership of collaboration with the Nazis. Quotes from Abbas' book appear below.

This was Abbas's full statement to the Polish journalists that related to World War II:

"If they [Jews] say that they made sacrifices in World War II, and we respect what they say, they should not treat us the way they were treated. We must not be a victim of the victim. I did not do anything bad to him. I just want him to follow the law. I want a state on the 1967 borders."
[Official PA TV, Aug. 23, 2015]

Click to view

The following is from Mahmoud Abbas book "The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism." The book was recently translated into Hebrew by Eddy Cohen:

"We find that Zionists believe in the purity of the Jewish race, as Hitler believed in the purity of the Aryan race. Zionism calls to find a fundamental final solution to the Jewish question in Europe by immigration to Palestine. Hitler also called for this and implemented it... Antisemitism is persecution and oppression, and this is definitely something desirable to the Zionist movement. The conclusion from these ideas is that a green light was given [by the Zionist leaders] to every racist in the world, first and foremost Hitler and Nazism, to do as they wish to the Jews, as long as it
guarantees individual immigration to Palestine. And it was not enough for the Zionist movement to give a green light - rather it even asked for more victims, in order to be comparable to the victims of other peoples in the war. This was because it [the Zionist leaders] thought that raising the
number of victims would increase its rights at the end of the war, when the bounty is divided."

Muslims are not doing "enough" to fight the Islamic State, we need more jobs says Jordanian Queen Rania.

Muslims are not doing "enough" to fight the Islamic State, we need more jobs says Jordanian Queen Rania. (AN).

According to Queen Rania of Jordan, moderate Muslims are not doing "enough" to combat the "evil ideology" of the Islamic state (IS), and she is asking the international community to pay greater attention to young people, before the Middle East is "devastated".

The Queen of Jordan is in France for a series of meetings with groups of businessmen and universities. In the various meetings she stressed that helping young people in the Middle East is crucial to fighting against Daesh (Arabic acronym of IS)

Daesh – she said - she continues to spread its evil ideology" and "change the local perception of our region". " Moderate Muslims the world over are not doing enough to win the ideological struggle at the heart of this battle.

"We're not actively helping Daesh, - she added - but we're not actively stopping them either. We can't stand against them until we as Muslims agree on what we stand for."

Queen Rania said focusing on the youth of the Middle East -- many of whom are unemployed or forced to flee their countries -- was a necessity. They need "education, opportunities, work and... also a little bit of luck, that someone believes in them.."

According to the Queen at least 100 thousand jobs are needed by 2020 to prevent frustrated young people joining the military ranks of the jihadists.

"Failure - she concluded - is not an option because if we fail in the face of these extremists and if they win, the region will quickly be devastated " producing global repercussions. Hmmmm........Yup that will do it, give them jobs......where did we hear that before?

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Video - Qatar FM Khalid bin Mohammad Al-Attiyah: Jabhat Al-Nusra Should Split from Al-Qaeda.

In a wide-ranging interview with the U.K.-based Qatari Al-Araby TV channel, Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid bin Mohammad Al-Attiyah said that Jabhat Al-Nusra should split from Al-Qaeda.

On the opposition to his country's bid to host the 2022 World Cup, Al-Attiyah said that it was motivated by racism.

With regard to relations of the Gulf states with Iran, the Qatari foreign minister said that the U.S. should not be involved. "The easiest and most useful way is one of direct dialogue with the Iranians," he said in the August 5-6, 2015 interview.

Video - Osama Saraya: The Muslim Brotherhood Will Rule Syria, Libya, and Yemen

In a July 2 interview with Egyptian channel LTC TV, former editor-in-chief of Al-Ahram newspaper Osama Saraya said that ultimately, the Muslim Brotherhood will rule Syria, Yemen, and Libya. "It's either ISIS or them," he added. Saraya also said that former President Mubarak's only mistake was that he did not strike Hamas.

Tehran and Moscow started talks on the supply of the Russian Sukhoi 30 fighter jets to Iran.

Tehran and Moscow started talks on the supply of the Russian Sukhoi 30 fighter jets to Iran. (Fars).

The talks were held on Tuesday on the sidelines of the MAKS 2015 air show in the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow during which Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari were present.

"Today, we visited different parts of the exhibition and the fighter jets' air show for three and a half hours accompanied by Mr. Putin which was a rare opportunity," Sattari told FNA yesterday.

"Putin showed that he is well aware of the military issues, knows the companies and products and spends time to get more familiar with them," he added.

Asked if the issue of purchasing Russia's Shkhoi 30 was raised during the visit, Sattari said, "We spoke about it but we didn’t discuss purchasing them and talks were mostly focused on the technological issues."

"You should ask issues related to purchasing (Sukhoi 30) from the defense ministry, and other groups like the trade teams should pursue the issue," he added.

The Sukhoi Su-30 is a twin-engine, two-seat supermaneuverable fighter aircraft developed by Russia's Sukhoi Aviation Corporation. It is a multirole fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions. Hmmmm..........SU-30 can be delivered immediately while the SU-35 has a production backlog for even the Russian airforce, which is modernizing at a rapid rate.

Iran says not willing to give up quota in OPEC, share in world market.

Iran says not willing to give up quota in OPEC, share in world market.(Taz).

Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said that Iran will not give up its quota in OPEC and its share in world market.

Speaking on Iranian State TV Aug. 26, Zanganeh said Iran will raise exports even if the oil prices fall.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will by no means ignore its quota in OPEC and the world oil market. We have no problem with slashing of oil prices on the global market because we can double our oil exports,” said Zangeneh, adding, “We should bypass the tyrannical conditions imposed on our country because maintaining Iran quota in OPEC and world market is among our vital parameters.”

Those should be concerned that have extra income and production in the world markets; On what ground should Iranian government do something to lose its historical share in the oil market just because oil prices should increase,” he said.

Noting that the OPEC members should reconsider current oil production, Zanganeh said to this end, OPEC members have been asked to hold an extraordinary session that will be held if all the 13 members agree to it on consensus. Certain OPEC members do not wish increase in the prices and want to harm other members through low prices as a result of oversupply, he concludedHmmm.....I said it before and say it again, 'Iran will use it's huge stockpile as leverage to gain back their OPEC Share, if OPEC doesn't give in to their demands the will dump all their stocks on the market crashing the OIL market prices.' Nobody wants $20/Barrel prices.


OPEC to keep "no output cut" policy

OPEC has roughly split into two groups, Pugh said in a report.

“The first group wants to maintain the current output target. This group consists mainly of the wealthier Gulf countries, that is, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE. The second group consists of the poorer members of OPEC who want a cut in production, namely Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Algeria, Venezuela, Libya, Angola and Ecuador.”

“The second group outnumber the first by 2-1 and could call an emergency meeting if they wished. (It only needs a simple majority of the 12 members to call an emergency meeting.) But it is largely seen as pointless without the support of Saudi Arabia, by far the group’s largest producer,” Pugh said.
In addition, none of the second group are really in a position to cut their own output, according to the economist.

“Indeed, of the eight countries we put in the second group, both Iran and Iraq are recovering from decades of sanctions and have said they actively plan to pump as much oil as possible, regardless of the price. Libyan output remains disrupted by fighting so barely has any output to cut, and the African and South American members are struggling financially so they need to continue pumping at full blast to maximize revenues,” he said in a report.

“As a result, when these countries call for a cut in the production target, they are really calling for Saudi Arabia and its allies to reduce output,” Pugh said. And he doubts that the first group’s countries are altruistic enough “to cut their production purely to benefit the rest of OPEC and non-OPEC producers, especially as the prime beneficiary would be Saudi Arabia’s long term rival, Iran.”
He also believes that even if an emergency meeting is called, and a production target cut is agreed upon, there is little chance of the group actually sticking to it.

Video - Russia's 5G PAK-FA T-50 fighter debuts with stunt program at MAKS-2015

Video - Russia's 5G PAK-FA T-50 fighter debuts with stunt program at MAKS-2015.(RT).

Russia’s first 5G fighter has showed off in full its ultra-maneuverability at an international air show near Moscow. In 2016 the Russian Air Force will get ready to put the first production models of the stealth fighter jet into service.

The jet performed such aerobatic stunts as Pougachev's cobra, Frolov’s chakra, the dead leaf and tail-dive.

With a month left before the multirole PAK-FA (T-50) fighter is set to be added to the inventory of the Russian Air Force (series delivery slated for 2017), the 5G aircraft’s designers have spilt the beans about the PAK-FA’s operational capability.Read the full story here. More on the plane's weaknesses here.

Russia to train Iranian specialists to operate new Antey-2500 air defense missile systems.

Russia to train Iranian specialists to operate new Antey-2500 air defense missile systems. (RBTH).

A pending S-300 contract between Russia and Iran stipulates the delivery of a more modern air defense missile system, Antey-2500, which means specialists will need to learn how to operate it, a source with knowledge of the situation told Interfax-AVN on Aug.26.

"A group of Iranian military specialists visited Russia after the first contract for the delivery of S-300PMU systems was signed; they were trained and authorized to operate the system. Now they will have to be retrained because Antey-2500 differs from S-300PMU a lot," the source said.

He said that would take time and money. "Iran would like to procure Antey-2500 systems and put them into service as soon as possible," the source said.

There are many opponents of the delivery of Russia's Antey-2500 air defense missile systems both in the West and in the Arab world, he said.

Video - FDD VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer discusses 'Sometimes NATO Ally' Turkey and the growing threat from ISIS.

Video - FDD VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer discusses 'Sometimes NATO Ally' Turkey and the growing threat from ISIS. Read the full story here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Video - Ahrar al-Sham showing off their training camp in Dar'a

Video - Terror expert says that, far from being medieval or mad, Islamic State is a very modern phenomenon.

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Political And Military Integration With Ahrar ash-Sham.

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Political And Military Integration With Ahrar ash-Sham. (SyrianObserver).

The head of the Muslim Brotherhood announced on Monday there is a "common and fertile ground" for cooperation between the Brotherhood and the Ahrar ash-Sham Islamic Movement, pointing to the possibility of political and military integration between the two sides.

Comptroller-General Mohammed Hikmat Waleed praised the Movement, stating that the "sacrifices and the struggle of the Movement are undeniable", stressing that the commonality between the Brotherhood and the Movement "make it a breeding ground for great cooperation, and offer better opportunities for political and military integration between the two parties."

"This is our vision for all the different Syrian factions on the ground. If Syrians properly invested in this diversity, it would lead to a joint Syrian program to achieve the aspirations of these oppressed people, who wish to establish a country where all are equal," the statement read.

Ahrar ash-Sham Islamic Movement was established in November 2011, following the outbreak of the uprising against the regime. Estimated at about 25,000 fighters, the movement merged with other formations within the Islamic Front in 2014, such as Liwa at-Tawhid, al-Fajr Islamic Movements, al-Iman Battalions, the Army of Islam, Suqur ash-Sham and many others(AL-Qaeda offshoot Al-Nusra)  The power of the movement is largely concentrated in the provinces of Aleppo and Idleb, with a presence in many other Syrian cities.

Last week, the movement commenced negotiations with an Iranian delegation concerning the fate of rebel-held Zabadani in the countryside of Damascus. The negotiations reportedly failed after the movement accused Iran of "seeking to change the demography" of the countryside of Damascus and its bordering area with Lebanon.

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood denies a military presence within the country. Hmmmm......The 'Muslim Brotherhood' White House strategy.

The Reality of Ethnic Cleansing and Kurdish displacement in Syria.

The Reality of Ethnic Cleansing and Kurdish State in Syria.(Yadaliyya).

In the past weeks several Syrian,Arab media outlets reported charges of ethnic cleansing against Arab and Turkmen residents of Tell Abyad on the hands of Kurdish militias. These charges were later picked up and circulated by various international media outlets and have now come to be accepted as fact despite a lack of a full investigation and dubious evidence. The result has been further cementing the idea that there is a zero-sum conflict between Kurds and Arabs in Syria.

While charges of ethnic cleansing should be taken seriously and an independent investigation should verify these accounts, this article will shed some light on what took place in Tell Abyad to provide an alternative account to the charges of ethnic cleansing, and then place these debates within a larger context of Kurdish political struggles in the Syrian conflict as well as the desire by the current Turkish leadership to exacerbate Arab-Kurdish divisions.

What the current charges of ethnic cleansing of Arabs and Turkmen at the hands of Kurds miss is the actually documented ethnic cleansing of Kurds in Tell Abyad at the hands of some elements of the Free Syrian Army which continued at the hands of ISIS.

Since July 2013 Kurds as well as the Armenians, were forced to leave their houses in Tell Abyad and its vicinity towards the Turkish border, and their properties were looted. The Armenian Church in the city was destroyed by groups affiliated with the Free Syrian Army during the offensive and the destruction continued at the hands of ISIS. The city and its rural districts were mostly cleansed of the Kurdish population.

The deliberate displacement of the Kurdish population has been documented in a report presented to the United Nations on February 12, 2014. This report titled, “Report of the independent international commission of inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic,[i]” A/HRC/25/65 actually shows how ethnic cleansing of Kurds took place not just by ISIS but also by groups affiliated by the FSA frequently labeled as ‘moderate’ or ‘revolutionary’ by the media. According to the Independent Commission of Inquiry’s report[ii], which documented the violations against the Kurds in Tell Abyad, Raqqa, Tell Aran and Tell Hassel (in Aleppo):

The pattern of conduct perpetrated by non-State armed groups in Ar Raqqah and Aleppo in July [2013] indicates a coordinated and planned campaign to forcibly displace Kurdish civilians. The methods employed, the threat of violence and subsequent abductions demonstrate the deliberate displacement of a population on the basis of its ethnic identity. Such conduct amounts to the war crime of forcible displacement. Hmmmm.......Ethnic cleansing is a Turkish specialty......just ask the Armenians. Read the full story here.

[i] The Independent Commission of Inquiry provided detailed account about the violations against the Kurdish population:

E. Arbitrary and forcible displacement

1. Government forces and pro-government militia

144. By launching indiscriminate and disproportionate aerial bombardment and shelling, the Government has caused large-scale arbitrary displacement. In doing so, it has failed in its obligations under international human rights law to protect civilians from such displacement. It has failed to comply with its duties under international humanitarian law to provide displaced civilians with shelter, hygiene, health, safety and nutrition and to ensure that members of the same family are not separated.

2. Non-State armed groups

145. Two instances of forcible displacement by armed groups, as defined under international humanitarian law, were documented.

146. On 20 July, ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nusra, the Al-Sakhana Brigades, Saw’aiq Al-Rahman, the Ibn Taimia Brigades and Ahrar Al-Sham clashed with YPG forces in Tal Abyad (Ar Raqqah).

147. On 21 July, when YPG forces withdrew, armed groups broadcast orders from mosques in Al-Jisr, Harat Al-Leil and Hay Al Shallala neighbourhoods, instructing Kurdish civilians to leave the town or face immediate attack. Thousands of Kurdish civilians subsequently fled. Many were abducted at checkpoints encircling the area. The property of those who fled was looted and burned.

148. In Aleppo, on 28 July, clashes erupted in the Kurdish enclaves of Tal Aran and Tal Hasel between Jabhat Al-Akrad and YPG forces on the one side, and affiliated groups of Jabhat Al-Nusra, ISIS and FSA on the other. The latter groups seized control of Tal Aran, setting up checkpoints and sniper positions. Using mosque loudspeakers, armed group fighters ordered the Kurdish population to leave, under threat of violence. Thousands fled the following day.

149. On 29 July, the fighting spread to Tal Hasel, with the YPG engaging in hostilities with the above-mentioned armed groups. After short, intensive clashes, the armed groups encircled the town and conducted raids on Kurdish houses, abducting fighting-age men. Using mosque loudspeakers, the groups called Kurds “unbelievers”, declaring that “swords are between us and those who decide to stay in Tal Hasel”. Specific threats were directed against Kurdish women and children, saying that those who remained would be considered “halal for the mujahideen”.

UN Human Rights Council, Report of the independent international commission of inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, 12 February 2014, A/HRC/25/65, available at: [accessed 21 July 2015]
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