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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pres Hussein Obama May not accept rejection of Iran deal by U.S. Congress.

Pres Hussein Obama May not accept rejection of Iran deal by U.S. Congress. (WND).
Kerry won't promise Hussein Obama 'Admin' will follow law if Congress negates agreement.
WASHINGTON – Secretary of State John Kerry dropped a quiet bombshell on an unsuspecting Democratic congressman who appeared to believe he was asking a routine question at the House Foreign Affairs committee hearing on the Iran deal Tuesday.

“Let’s say Congress doesn’t take your advice, we override a veto, and the law that’s triggered then imposes certain sanctions,” asked U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif.

“Will you follow the law even though you think it violates this agreement clearly and even if you think it’s absolutely terrible policy?”

Kerry then refused to assure the congressman that President Obama and his administration would follow the law if Congress rejects his Iran deal.

Instead, he replied, “I can’t begin to answer that at this point without consulting with the president and determining what the circumstances are.”

A seemingly shocked Sherman responded, as though maybe he hadn’t heard correctly, “So, you’re not committed to following the law?”

No, I said I’m not going to deal with a hypothetical, that’s all,” said Kerry, leaving the door wide open to the possibility the president would just ignore the law. Hmmm....L'Etat c'est moi. Read the full story here.

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