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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Obama's BFF Erdogan uses ISIL to start bombing Kurds.....Again.

Obama's BFF Erdogan uses ISIL to start bombing Kurds.....Again. (Rudaw).

DUHOK, Kurdistan Region -- Two injured citizens carried to hospital in the aftermath of Turkish artillery bombardment of Amediye region in Duhok province last night.

Two villagers from Koker village in Duhok’s Berwari region were injured with Turkish artillery shells, said Rudaw’s reporter. One of the victims was 12 years old, and was carried to the State Hospital of Duhok.

The second victim lost his leg in the strikes and was taken into operation room.

Hakurk Mountain near Sidekan town of Duhok was bombarded three times from air and the ground with Turkish artillery last night, 25th July.

Four members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) were killed in the strikes and several others were injured, said Rudaw’s reporter.

A resident of Sergil village told Rudaw that their lives were in danger. Many of residents of this village are members of the Peshmerga forces and are fighting the Islamic State (ISIS), “How could they fight in battle while worrying about their families,” said one villager.

Around 400 villagers have been isolated in a remote area in that region due to the shelling, said Rudaw’s reporter.

Turkish caretaker Prime Minister, Ahmed Davutoglu, spoke for one hour with the Kurdish President Masoud Barzani about the objectives​ of the recent Turkish airstrikes "north of Iraq" in Kurdistan region.

“I talked with Barzani about the goal of the airstrikes that Turkey carried out in the north of Iraq,” said Davutoglu. “Barzani has reiterated coordination with Turkey.”

There are still threats in Qandil against Turkey,” said Davutoglu, who also added, “I told Barzani that this operation is not against any ethnicity of northern Iraq.”

Last night on July 25 Turkish warplanes and artillery bombarded bases of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) south of Turkey and in Kurdistan Region.

Turkey also launched a nationwide search operation arresting suspects linked to the PKK, the Islamic State (ISIS), and the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party–Front (DHKP/C) and have arrested 300 individuals so far. Hmmmm.....Just like the 'Armenian Genocide' this will never have happened in Turkish history books.

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