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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kerry: Attacking Iran Would Allow it to Justify Pursuit of Nukes.

Kerry: Attacking Iran Would Allow it to Justify Pursuit of Nukes. HT: WhitehouseDossier.By Keith Koffler.

Secretary of State John Kerry this morning dived straight into the land of Catch-22, claiming that an Israeli attack on Iran would give the Iranians cause to justify their pursuit of nuclear weapons in the first place.

“Iran would then have a reason to say, ‘Well, this is why we need a bomb,'” Kerry told Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

Which of course begs the question: Is Kerry senile?

Israel, according to Kerry, should not defend itself because doing so would justify the creation of weapons that are meant to destroy it.

Kerry went on to indicate clearly that military force by the United States was never, EVER, a serious option, saying that an attack on the Iranians would cause them to bury their program to such an extent that the United States couldn’t touch them, short of acting to “annihilate” Iran, which he said no one would do.

What Iran will decided to do is dig deeper, because Israel does not have the ability – nor do we – to stop (them), unless we went to all-our war and literally annihilate Iran, which I don’t hear people talking about. Hmmmm.....Obviously the next step for this 'Admin' is to go after Israel's nuclear weapons.

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