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Saturday, July 18, 2015

ISIS terrorist group leader Baghdadi allegedly bans broadcast of slaughter scenes.

ISIS terrorist group leader Baghdadi allegedly bans broadcast of slaughter scenes. (Aranews).

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, alleged caliph of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS), issued orders banning filming scenes of slaughter against opponents by the group’s militants, pro-IS media sources revealed on Friday.

In an official letter to all IS media offices, al-Baghdadi banned releasing any scenes that contain brutal actions.

The IS leader justified his decision, considering the general feelings of Muslims, who may regard the scenes as disgusting and scary to children, according to pro-IS sources.

Some of IS militants supported Baghdadi’s decision, taking into consideration criticism of the public that describes scenes of beheadings as barbaric. While other militants rejected the decision saying that such scenes are meant to intimidate their enemies, represented by western powers, and not the common folk.

Speaking to ARA News, Syrian politician and lawyer Ferid Hisso said that the radical group doesn’t really care about their victims or the public, and that banning the broadcasting of such videos “won’t eliminate the IS-led horrors that have been seen by people around the world over the past couple of years”.

Instead of banning the release of such videos, Baghdadi should have rather banned the crimes behind the scenes. But he has already justified the barbarism of his followers, and his decision makes no sense,” Hisso said.

IS group used to present footages of executions that include heinous scenes committed by militants to terrorize opponents.

“The terrorist group describes its crimes as the application of the rule of God,” Hisso ironically said. Hmmmm.......I don't think so. it's their number one goal:  cast terror in the heart of the unbeliever.

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