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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ISIS Prime target? Anger as access to French beach is restricted for vacationing Saudi royal family.

ISIS Prime target? Anger as access to French beach is restricted for vacationing Saudi royal family.(AN).

Decision by French authorities to restrict access to a beach near a villa owned by Saudi King Salman and work at the site have generated anger on the French Riviera.

The Saudi monarch is expected to arrive shortly on a family vacation. The decision by the Grasse Prefecture to restrict access to "La Mirandole" beach at Golfe-Juan, in the town of Vallauris, where the king’s villa (pictured) is located, has not been welcomed.

Nestled in the rocks between the coastal railway and the translucent waters of the Mediterranean, the royal family's immense villa stretches across a kilometre of Riviera coastline. During the royal’s stay, coastguards will stop anyone coming within 300 metres of the villa by sea.

"Looking after their security is fine, but they should at least let us go for a swim," said a disgruntled local.

When Saudi security provide the date of the “king’s arrival, with a 24 hours notice, the beach will be off limits to everyone,” said Grasse Sub-Prefect Philippe Castanet.

Last week, workers hired by the Saudis started building a fence to close off access to the beach, but were ordered to stop. Conversely, and despite the lack of a permit, local authorities have allowed work on an elevator to continue on condition that it be dismantled when the family vacation ends.

Work is also underway in the villa. New, bulletproof glass is going in, as well as new shrubs and flowers.

According to French media, King Salman is coming with an entourage of 400 people, including a medical team.

Notice the distance to where the explosives were stolen and the Royal villa.

Related?: Cache of explosives, detonators and grenades stolen from French army base in the South of France.

A cache of explosives, detonators and grenades have been stolen from an army base in the south of France.

The high-security army base is located in the town of Miramis around 60 kilometers west of Marseille.

The mayor of Miramis, Frederic Vigouroux, said everything stolen is “inherently dangerous.”

“There is a reinforced double wire fence, we have patrols, there are dogs, every type of security the military can provide. There are munitions, it’s not just a police station,” said Vigouroux .

A police official said the burglars appear to have cut through the fence to get into the base.

The Marseille prosecutor said an investigation is underway into charges of “fraudulent entry into a military compound.” Hmmmm.......In the South of France where most ISIS groupies are active. Just imagine if ISIS Would manage to take out the Suadi King?

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