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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Iranian Children Learn To Hate U.S., British Governments.

Iranian Children Learn To Hate U.S., British Governments. (Memri).

Between June 27 and July 6, 2015, the municipality of Mashhad, in northeastern Iran, conducted a special initiative for indoctrinating children with anti-West messages. The initiative, "The City Of Resistance Games," which was promoted by the regime, was held at the 10th International Koran and Family Expo. It included booths operated by clerics offering activities for children and teens on topics such as the resistance, knowing Iran's enemies (especially the U.S. and Britain), Iran's nuclear aspirations, dealing with the sanctions, support for Yemen and Palestine, Iran's war against the Islamic State (ISIS), and more.

During the activities, the young participants dressed in combat gear, crossed mock minefields and obstacle courses, and carried out other activities. They were asked to express their disgust with the American and British governments, and threw figures of President Obama into a pool of water to protest American crimes. It was explained to the children that the sanctions against Iran were a plot to vanquish it and deprive it of nuclear technology.

In addition to the activities for children and teens at the City of Resistance Games, Mashhad also held workshops for parents, under the direction of cleric Saeed Akhoundi. He said on July 8, 2015 that some 4,000 children and teens had visited the booths, and called for making the expo permanent.

Mashhad City Official: The Expo Aims To Introduce Children, Teens To The Enemy And The Resistance

Mashhad culture and recreation deputy director Jafar Raeesian told the IRNA news agency on July 3, 2015: "The City of [Resistance] Games has two branches, one for children and one for teens, that present topics such as international issues, the Islamic world, knowing the enemy, and the resistance. Along with fun activities, we held special advisory meetings for the parents of the children and teens who participated in the City of Resistance Games activity. There is also comprehensive cultural activity."

On July 6, 2015, posted an article about the initiative, that stated: "At this City of Games, children become acquainted with the terminology of the resistance and of knowing the enemy, through games, discourse, songs, stories, and atmosphere. The boys enter the Molavi Hall of the City of Resistance Games and learn up-close about the events of the Iran-Iraq War [1980-88] and the enemy's plots against Iran. They enter in groups of 25 or 30, and at the start of the route, they express their disgust with the American and British governments and honor the martyrs of the Iran-Iraq War. Then the cleric begins the program by reading Koranic verses and educating the children and teens about Iran's status.

"Next is the games hall, where, together with sports activity, the children learn about various events that took place in Iran since the victory of the Islamic Revolution."

Throwing Figures Of Obama Into A Pool Of Water

"There is also a special program for the girls. They enter the City of [Resistance] Games accompanied by the cleric, and, according to ancient Muslim practice, he makes them pass under a Koran in order to protect them.

"The children then enter a green, flowery area that reminds them of the singing birds and running waters of the gardens of Paradise. They answer several questions about the Koran, and they enjoy the park in one of the gardens of Paradise as a reward. The City of Resistance Games fills with the sounds of children's laughter and joy.

"After a short time, the cleric invites the children to enter a tunnel... At the other end, the cleric welcomes them; each tells of the difficulties they encountered [in the tunnel]. This is when the cleric reminds these heavenly angels: 'If you had brief difficult moments in the tunnel, [know] that there are now poor children in Yemen, Palestine, and other places who spend many hours of their lives trying to take cover from the attacks of the global arrogance [i.e. the West, led by the U.S.], in long, grim tunnels.'

"Then the children throw a figure of Obama into a pool of water, to protest the savage acts of the global arrogance, and trample a model of Obama that forms a bridge for rescuing all the children of the world from oppression and bloodshed. Read the full story here.

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