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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Iran warns to feed gas to 19,000 Natanz centrifuges if nuclear talks fail...only 10,000 centrifuges known?

Iran warns to feed gas to 19,000 Natanz centrifuges if nuclear talks fail...only 10,000 centrifuges known? (Taz).

A senior Iranian lawmaker has warned that if the talks on Iran’s nuclear program fail, the country will feed gas to 19,000 centrifuges it has at its Natanz nuclear facility.

Mohammad Hassan Abou Torabi Fard, deputy speaker of the parliament, made the remarks in a live interview on the state IRIB TV.

Currently only 9,000 of the Natanz centrifuges are operating.

Iran and six world powers — China, France, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany — are attempting to reach a long-term deal that would ensure the peaceful nature of Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. The initial deadline for the agreement was June 30, but the sides have postponed to July 13.

Iran has volunteered reducing its uranium enrichment level to build trust with the six powers and facilitate a deal.

If the talks fail, Iran will start enriching uranium to at least 20 percent, the MP stressed.

He added that in the meantime, the Islamic Republic will tap its IR8 centrifuges.

IR8 centrifuges are a new generation of Iran-made centrifuges with performance twenty times greater than the old IR1 centrifuges, the first generation of centrifuges Iran made.

Abou Torabi Fard asserted that if the talks fail, Tehran will pursue its 190,000 SWUs target uranium enrichment.

Last year Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei shifted attention from the number of centrifuges to the amount of work they can do, stressing that a minimum of 190,000 SWUs uranium enrichment is what Iran needs to run its nuclear program.


The data below, which are based on reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency, describe Iran’s uranium stockpile, its centrifuges, and the rate at which its nuclear capacity is growing. [a]


By using the approximately 9,000 first generation centrifuges operating at its Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant, Iran could theoretically produce enough weapon-grade uranium to fuel a single nuclear warhead in less than 2 months. This timetable is longer if Iran operates fewer centrifuges, or feeds the machines with natural uranium rather than low-enriched uranium.

Iran's more advanced IR-2m centrifuges, about 1,000 of which are installed at Natanz, would allow Iran to produce weapon-grade uranium more quickly. Hmmmm....'only' 10,000 centrifuges known it seems......YES WE LIE.

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