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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Iran says US urge to alter nuclear deal irrelevant, no snap-back option.

Iran says US urge to alter nuclear deal irrelevant no snap-back option. (Taz).

The US urge to issue a new resolution or introduce the snap-back option is irrelevant, a senior Iranian official says.

Things such as a new UN resolution after the first five years of The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) are impossible, Abbas Araqchi, deputy foreign minister stated in a press conference here July 22.

The resolution which was passed two days ago is quite clear. The resolutions expiration date is well-defined and there is no ambiguity in it,” he said.

The term envisaged for the implementation of the JCPOA is 10 years, after which Iran ’s nuclear case in the UN will be neutralized.

The Security Council on July 20 coalesced around a sweeping resolution that endorsed the 14 July agreement on Iran ’s nuclear program, setting out a rigorous monitoring mechanism and timetable for implementation, while paving the way for the lifting of the United Nations sanctions against that country.

Unanimously adopting resolution 2231 (2015), the 15-nation body endorsed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed in Vienna by the five permanent members of the Council, plus Germany, the European Union and Iran.

The legal procedure has to be taken despite lobbies that want to stop it. What is important to us is the recent UN Security Council resolution which contains no ambiguity and the sides must adhere to it,” Araqchi stated.

Araqchi also commented on how Iranian legislative bodies will respond to the JCPOA and said that it has to undergo well-defined legal procedures before the government can adopt or reject it.

The Iranian Parliament’s approval is needed before the government can act to the requirements of the deal.

No organization has the power to veto the decision of the Parliament, except the Guardian Council… The legal procedure to be taken at the Supreme National Security Council comprises only an approval or dismissal of the deal. None of the [involved] countries can change the content of the agreement,” he asserted.

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