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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Iran says outcome of 12 years nuclear negotiation must not go unsigned.

Iran says outcome of 12 years nuclear negotiation must not go unsigned. (Taz).

A senior Iranian lawmaker says despite what American officials have said, a prospective nuclear deal with Iran will not be binding for the US, the sides have to sign the deal and be legally bound to it.

The result of 12 years of talks must not go unsigned, Ebrahim Karkhanei, head of the nuclear committee of the Iranian parliament said, Tasnim news agency reported July 6.

He made the remarks in relation to statements by an Iranian nuclear negotiator who had said the agreement would not be signed.

Karkhanei pointed out that in March US State Secretary John Kerry had in an address to the Congress said the agreement would not be binding. Also, US Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said somewhere that the US would not sign a deal, the Iranian MP further mentioned.

In that case, the US Congress will easily discard the agreement by saying an unsigned agreement is not binding, Karkhanei further stated.

If the Iranian deal is referred to the UN Security Council, Iran will lose because there the US has the right to veto while Iran does not, he also said.

“The referral of the nuclear case to the Security Council will facilitate issuing resolutions against Iran,” he stated.

The MP urged that the deal must be drafted in a way that in case the US violates its commitments, the deal should turn void.

Iran and the group P5+1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany) are in Vienna holding talks on a nuclear deal.

The talks were given a July 30 deadline initially. As the sides failed to meet the deadline, they extended the negotiations for one more week. But on July 6 they gave it another extension of two days to settle the remaining conflicts by July 9. Hmmm....the guy must be misinformed i'm sure Hussein Obama would sign the US Surrender.

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