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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Iran: “Hamas has declared war on us”.

Iran: “Hamas has declared war on us”. (JO).

The visit of the Hamas political bureau chairman Khaled Mashal in Saudi Arabia led the Iranian media to launch an attack on Hamas and claimed that its leaders “have declared war against Iran." The meeting between Mashal and Saudi King Salman was held last Friday and was the first meeting between the representatives of Hamas and Saudi officials of that level in many years.

On the front page of the Iranian newspaper “Canon”, an article was published explaining what Tehran thinks about Mashal’s visit to Saudi Arabia, who has been Iran’s bitter rival in recent months, particularly in light of the war in Yemen. Tehran did not hide the fact that the relations between the Palestinian terror organization and the Ayatollah’s regime are not the best at the moment.

“Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and much of the opposition in Syria is Muslim Brotherhood,” the article said. “Hamas has not adopted the position of Iran in relation to the civil war in Syria and has stood by the opposition. At this time, there is a crisis between Hamas and Tehran.”

Harsh criticism was also directed against the chairman of the political bureau: “Mashal, in opposition to Iranian efforts and its actions to end the civil war in Syria, turned away and stood beside Saudi Arabia. He also stood by the Saudis in their attack against Yemen to change the balance in their favor there. The rapprochement between Hamas and Saudi Arabia is merely a declaration of war against Iran.”

In addition, the article argued that Hamas plans to send special forces to aid the forces loyal to the regime who are fighting the Yemeni Houthi rebels.


Saudi Arabia has released eight Hamas members who were held for months in the kingdom for political campaigning, a senior official of the Palestinian movement was quoted as saying on Monday.

The released members had been "raising funds to support public work and activism for the [Palestinian] movement," Mahmoud al-Zahhar, member of Hamas's political bureau in Gaza, told the Egyptian daily El-Watan News.

Prior to Zahhar's statement, a number of Arab media outlets had reported on the release of the Palestinians, citing unnamed Hamas officials, but without confirmation from Riyadh. Until recently, neither side appeared to acknowledge the arrests.

The release of the Palestinians, who were reportedly held during the last days of the reign of former Saudi King Abdullah some eight months ago, came following a rare meeting by Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal with Saudi Arabia's King Salman in Riyadh on Friday. Read the full story here and here.

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