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Monday, July 6, 2015

Egyptian Government instructs foreign reporters to remove Islamic references from terrorist descriptions

Egyptian Government instructs foreign reporters to remove Islamic references from terrorist descriptions. (Madamasr).

During a presser on Saturday, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed international media representatives guidelines instructing them to refrain from using “religious or faith based terminology” when describing terrorist groups.

This comes amid a growing crackdown on media through restrictive laws, the arrests of journalists and threatening messages to foreign media representatives and outlets.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has sent foreign media in Egypt several angry statements recently criticizing their coverage of the ongoing state-led crackdown on terrorism.

In its most recent statement, the Foreign Ministry advised international press to stay away from using terms such as “Islamists,” “Jihadists”, “Islamic State,” and “fundamentalists” while covering terrorist attacks.

This follows a large scale terrorist attack in North Sinai last Wednesday, which targeted a number of military posts simultaneously and escalated into prolonged clashes between militants and the military, causing over 100 deaths.

The group formerly known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdes, which declared itself an affiliate of the Islamic State, calling itself the “Province of Sinai,” claimed the attack.

The Ministry claimed that using the self-proclaimed Islamic name of the group “tarnishes the image of Islam, as it falsely attaches the horrendous acts of these extremist groups to the faith.”
The Ministry offers alternatives to be used by media outlets when referring to terrorist groups, including “slaughterer, executioner, assassins, slayers, destroyers, eradicators.”
The Ministry has issued several similar statements recently accusing foreign media outlets of distorting the news in pursuit of foreign agendas.   Hmmmm.....My guess they just copied the BBC or Obama White House guidelines.Read the full story here.

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